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Thrombosed hemorrhoids

Thrombosed hemorrhoids

We all have hemorrhoids 🙂 Hemorrhoids refer to the anal canal’s natural cushions which are masses of tissues with blood vessels. What is familiar with all is the painful problematic condition of the hemorrhoids.

There are 2 kinds of problematic hemorrhoids:

  1. Tthe internal hemorrhoids
  2. The external hemorrhoids
  3. Thrombosed hemorrhoids
  4. Treating thrombosed hemorrhoids
  5. Video External Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Explained and How To Heal

These 2 kinds are mainly caused by pressure placed on the anal canal. Extreme pressure may be caused by coughing, lifting, prolonged sitting or standing, constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy and even anal intercourse.

The major difference between the two is their location.

1Internal hemorrhoids

Are hidden and painless, but make the most bleeding. Sometime it can protrude out and back in again.

2External hemorrhoids

Are the most painful and noticeable, but do not really bleed. When it bleeds, it’s not from the hemorrhoids but from fissures.

3Thrombosed hemorrhoids

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that has formed blood clots. The clots form in the blood vessels that are strangulated and swell. This is the most visible external hemorrhoids and scary in appearance. Thrombosed hemorrhoids appear as bulging purple or bluish skin-covered veins or when swelling can appear reddish. To the touch they feel like hard pea sized lumps. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are itchy and painful.

4Treating Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Soaking in warm water for 10 – 15 minutes several times a day will usually reduce the discomfort and swelling, but this will greatly reduce the number of activities you can do each day. Adding fiber to your diet will also ease the elimination of stool. Over the counter anti-inflammatories in the form of creams, gels, jellies and ointments can also bring some relief.

Surgery almost is never done for thrombosed hemorrhoids unless it is severe. What is usually done is draining of the blood clots by incision or cutting off of the entire hemorrhoid.

The Problem With Tradition Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Treatments

The problem with tradition thrombosed hemorrhoids treatments is that they usualy only provide temporary relief. Often the hemorrhoids come back. This is because traditional hemroid treatments do not attack hemroids from the “inside out”. They only treat the symptoms and not the cause.

We belive the best alternative treatment for thrombosed hemorrhoids is a product called H Miracle. What makes venapro the best treatment is that its safe, fast acting and prevents hemorrhoids from comming back.

Otfen over the counter medications contain harsh substances that may worsen the condition. Since H Miracle is made from natural ingredients such as extracts derived from known effective herbs such as horse chestnut which has long been used against hemorrhoids because of its anti-inflammatory quality.

It is fast acting the ingredients are easily introduced into the bloodstream and they work on the affected area immediately with their anti-inflammatory, protectant and anesthetic qualities. H Miracle hemorrhoid treatment also prevents hemorrhoids from comming back, by stimulating the body’s ability to heal or repair itself. It also promotes the general health of the rectal region making it stronger and protected from infection, diseases.

Hemorrhoids are something you need to deal with immediately. The discomfort and pain put many people in a very bad mood, and frame of mind. Don\’t put it off any longer. Even if you find something that costs a few dollars more, the peace of mind, and the pain being gone, will be well worth the few extra dollars.

5Video External Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Explained and How To Heal