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Throat cancer

  1. Causes of cancer of the pharynx
  2. Cancer symptoms throat
  3. Treatment of cancer of the pharynx

Throat cancer

a malignant tumor arising within the pharynx and larynx. Is a common and one of the most dangerous cancer.

Causes of cancer of the pharynx

Modern medicine has not determined the exact causes of malignant tumors. However, identified risk factors that increase the probability of cancer

  • Smoking or chewing tobacco 90% of patients diagnosed with throat cancer – smokers. Patients who use chewing tobacco, or developing other forms of cancer lips, cheeks, gums
  • alcoholism excessive alcohol irritates the mucous membranes, and in combination with Smoking accelerates the formation of malignant tumors. 75% of patients with pharyngeal cancer are people who consume alcohol in large quantities
  • wearing dentures is not a risk factor, but the irritation of dentures together with the Smoking or consumption of alcohol will accelerate the development of the disease
  • the human papilloma virus
  • environmental pollution (particularly in industrialized regions).
  • the prevalence of the disease

Annually diagnosed with Cancer of the larynx put 10 thousand people in the world. The mortality rate is up to 4 thousand people. The disease enters the twenty most common cancers. It is noteworthy that in regions with a good environment, but also in countries where there is an active fight against Smoking, the tendency to reduce the incidence of cancer of the pharynx.

Cancer symptoms throat

Reasons for the diagnosis can be

  • the presence of unhealed and increasing the size of the ulcer in the mouth
  • constant pain in your mouth
  • the presence of white or red spots on the oral mucosa
  • the reduction in the thickness of the buccal mucosa
  • the difficulty of movements of the tongue, as well as chewing and swallowing
  • feeling stuck in the throat lump
  • dental pain and tooth loss
  • numbness
  • a marked change of tone of voice
  • the presence of tumor masses on the neck
  • bad breath.
  • The disease is diagnosed by biopsy. The first signs of cancer can be noticed by a dentist or an otolaryngologist during the survey. For accurate diagnosis is also carried out x-ray, computed tomography, ultrasound, or MRI.

Treatment of cancer of the pharynx

For the treatment of cancer of the pharynx using three methods, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery. The application of the methods depends on the General condition of the patient, size and extent of tumor invasion, presence of metastases. Allowed combination of methods for example surgery and radiotherapy. The irradiation of the tumor may be performed before the surgery and after it or in both periods.

The quality of diagnosis in the early stages and treatment cancer of the pharynx, will provide the oncologist. To find a good specialist and

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