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The symptoms and treatment of depriving a person

  1. Common types of depriving a person
  2. How to identify the signs of lichen?
  3. How to treat ringworm in humans?
  4. Simple cure lichen folk remedies

    All kinds of depriving a person in medicine considered under a common name of dermatoses. They are characterized by the presence of the skin surface spots, which are flakes, and papules (a kind of rash has the appearance of burl). Treatment of depriving a person must, when the person has these symptoms.

    To cause this disease can certain microbial organisms, but often leads to depriving the body of microscopic fungi.

    Basically, these fungi are on the skin of animals and are transmitted to humans by direct touching of dogs, cats. Such mushrooms are called zooanthroponosis.

    In the case where the ringworm is passed from person to person, that is, the fungi live only on people’s skin, they are called Antropogennye.

    Quite rare to get infected by ringworm a person can make contact with the ground. This kind of mushroom has the name geophilidae.

    People with high immunity, in contact with fungi in the body, the protective function of the immune system suppresses the proliferation of fungi. Due to this, the viability of the fungus quickly terminated, and the person gets rid of this disease even without obvious symptoms.

    However, common cases of when certain causes lead to the weakening of the human immune system, which leads to the development of lichen. Such reasons include the treatment of infectious diseases over a long period of time, under 16 years of age, prolonged hypothermia, frequent stress, emotional and physical exhaustion. Genetic predisposition also explains the occurrence of zoster.

    With a weakened immune system a fungus that enters the body, multiplies rapidly in the skin, where it feeds on keratin protein that is in the stratum corneum of the skin.

    In addition to fungal nature, different types of lichen can have and the infectious nature. Infections cause herpes and pink shingles. These types of depriving a person can develop at any age, regardless of climatic conditions. The infectious nature depriving determines the presence of disease long latent stage, when the person is not aware of the occurrence of the disease. Such blisters appear when the body is weakened (reduced protective function of the immune system).

    Common types of depriving a person

    Depending on the symptoms of the disease, in modern medical practices allocate these types of depriving a person

    girdling, cutting, pink, red flat. However, in order to diagnose accurately, it is necessary to refer to the narrow specialist dermatologist.

    Ringworm (scientific name trichophytosis) represents the affected skin of the head (less body). This type of disease transmitted from an animal infected with fungi triticeae. Rarely, the disease can spread from person.

    Most often, the disease sticks to

    being a long time in large groups. So, ringworm form of lichen is frequently seen in preschool educational institutions, kindergartens. The process of infection occurs as a result of prolonged tactile contact with an infected child. Another way to get to use other people’s personal hygiene items (e.g., comb) or headgear (caps, Panama, hats).

    Another variety of fungal skin infections pityriasis versicolor (pityriasis). This type of lichen refers to non-contagious forms of the causative agent of multi-colored lichen is normally present on the skin of all people. And prone to this kind of disease only those who have a predisposition. However, the patient multicolored ringworm must be personal hygiene items (towel, washcloth, comb, etc.)

    zoster, and

    (the scientific name for chickenpox) causes the same virus varicella-zoster. This species is widespread in adults between the age of 55-75 years. One of the rare recurrences of herpes zoster (5%). The mechanism of the disease is that the virus-infected nervous cells contribute to inflammation of the skin in those areas that are directly with which they are associated.

    shingles (also called zoster Gilbert) often develops after an illness that has a viral nature (ARVI, acute respiratory infections, flu). But the infection is only the impetus for the development of pink lichen, a key role in the occurrence of disease is an Allergy that causes skin manifestations.

    Lichen planus occurs mainly due to genetic predisposition. Most often this kind of lichen affects women aged 40 to 60 years.

    How to identify the signs of lichen?

    Signs of depriving a person depends on what type of illness has settled in the body.

    When the disease of ringworm symptoms appear 5 to 30 days of infection by the fungus. On the skin are formed the spotted eruptions, which have a reddish color. Observed peeling of these rashes, itching. If the disease affects the scalp in the place of manifestation break off hair and bald spot is formed. In severe cases, signs of lichen in patches have a sweet smell. Lesions can grow, so the treatment of depriving a person should be performed immediately.

    With the disease of multicolored ringworm symptoms are rashes, which form brownish spots. The diameter of these spots in the range of 6 mm. these rashes are impervious to UV exposure, so do not darken from the sun and how healthy skin. These spots flake, itch, also there is excessive sweating of the body.

    When diagnosed with tinea versicolor in humans, the symptoms presented by rashes in the form of bubbles, which form a group, inside they have a turbid content. These symptoms are depriving a person located on one side of the body, the lesions are located in accordance with the course of nerve trunks (observed in the head, torso, legs). Also the patient feels fever, enlarged lymph nodes, pain.

    When the disease pink ringworm symptoms appear in humans in the form of spots of round shape, with red okaemkoy on the perimeter. In the center of these spots eventually begin to peel off, it can bring discomfort and mild pain. However, these symptoms are depriving not merge into a single focus, unlike the symptoms of other types of lichen.

    Lichen planus is a person has the following symptoms a rash in the form of reddish papules located on the rear sides of the lower leg and feet. Even after the papules are absorbed, the skin is the pigmentation in areas of the lesions.

    How to treat ringworm in humans?

    The question of how to get rid of lichen quickly, asks the majority of people immediately after diagnosis. But the positive result of treatment in this disease is achieved only after 7-10 days of regular therapy.

    When you see this illness as shingles, treatment is required regardless of the form of the dermatosis. Diagnosis of lichen is made with wood, samples of Balzer. In addition to these studies, the physician examines the skin affected by ringworm under a microscope.

    If a person has ringworm, how to treat this disease he will tell the doctor narrow

    . He will conduct a visual inspection, if necessary, will take tests and write out how to cure shingles.

    Treatment of tinea versicolor medications include prescription antifungals, external and internal applications. Basically, this type of lichen is curable easily, but the residual effects in the form of pigmentation can occur in patient a little while longer.

    When the disease of ringworm treatment antimicrobials, as it is a fungus and is the cause of this disease. Patient is prescribed Fungoterbin, lamisil or equivalents. With shallow skin lesions it is advisable to use only local treatment, such as sulphur ointment, or Mycosoral, a solution of iodine. Deeper skin lesion, the patient is assigned antifungals internally.

    High performance how to cure ringworm in humans, has physical therapy. Use in the treatment

    , phonophoresis, electrophoresis has a positive effect on getting rid of ringworm.

    Shingles how to treat this kind of disease only knows the doctor, so to self-medicate is strictly prohibited. Patient assigned to anti-viral drugs (such as Famvir, he needs therapy with valtrex, Acyclovir) that suppress the herpes virus. Also prescribe the drug Isoprinosine, which helps independent body to fight ringworm. Due to the fact that herpes zoster accompanied by severe pain, patient is prescribed painkillers. Local doctor prescribes

    , gels or solutions.

    A positive result provides physical therapy, because the herpes virus dies when exposed to UV radiation. The patient is assigned to a procedure


    the irradiation of UV lamp.

    Rather simple recommendations are given to patients with lichen planus, the issue of how to treat ringworm in humans. Appointed antihistamines, drugs that reduce the discomfort of the spots.

    Simple cure lichen folk remedies

    When the disease of ringworm treatment at home can help remove the symptoms, but does not guarantee complete recovery. So homemade recipes can be used as concomitant therapy.

    Since the Persian physician Avicenna retained the recipe called grape tear. According to this recipe, cure ringworm can, causing pockets of juice, which flows from the vine.

    Treatment lichen folk remedies can be done in several ways. It is recommended to apply an ointment from marigold flowers. You can make broth from the beets, mix it with honey and smear this substance spots on the skin. Also, people’s advice is recommended to apply fresh cabbage leaves, smeared with sour cream to the lesions of lichen.

    It is recommended that the lesions wipe with a decoction of buckwheat (groats 1 tbsp. per 2 cups of water). Raw yeast dough is another tool to help get rid of lichen. It must be placed in the pockets and keep for 2 hours. The duration of treatment is 5 days.

    Tincture of burdock (burdock felt) is used to treat lichen in the form of compresses and lotions.