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The sweating sickness

  1. Symptoms
  2. Reasons
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

The sweating sickness

this is a manifestation of symptoms of skin irritations, such as itching, rash and redness. Causes of heat rash are the processes of increased sweating and slow evaporation from the surface of the skin. Similar processes can occur in the case of finding a person in warm clothes or because of the increase in temperature in the environment. The spread of the sweat as the disease is wide enough. Observed the sweating sickness in children under one year. Also you may notice the sweating sickness in adults aged up to 30 years.


Symptomatic picture of heat rash includes the following signs and symptoms of the disease

  • the appearance of redness on the skin
  • the rash, which can take the form of papules, vesicles or spots
  • if the bubble that appears on the skin bursts, it emits the liquid and the skin is exposed to wet
  • you may feel itching in the place of the lesions.

Being of the patient is not changed, mainly by heat rash General condition is kept at a satisfactory level.

In the case of heat rash in newborn rash can appear on the scalp. In children over one year and adults the symptomatic pattern of the sweat is no difference.


  • The disease can develop due to the process of irritation of the skin underwear that doesn’t suit a man – it’s too tight, oppressive or rude
  • the sweat may also trigger the use of the washing medium low quality with a high content of toxic substances
  • the progress of the disease possible after penetration of the skin infection due to effects on the body bacteria, for example, streptococci or staphylococci
  • the most common cause of heat rash is the process of overheating of the skin when used excessively warm clothing
  • in some cases, the disease can occur in summer at high ambient temperatures.


Diagnostic measures include inspection of a General character, allowing to identify such manifestations of disease like redness and rashes on the skin of the patient.


In the treatment of heat rash medications are used in small quantities. Therapeutic measures include the use of the clothes that will not cause overheating of the body and will fit the season, maintaining in the space most comfortable temperature that does not exceed 25 degrees. To cure heat rash, the patient is advised to wear clothes made of fabrics of natural origin, namely, linen, cotton, wool, silk.

Measures that involve the use of medicines, suggest a treatment areas of the skin exposed to inflammatory processes, antiseptics, and special ointments.

Compliance with daily hygiene is a prerequisite for treatment and for prevention of the sweat.

In some cases, when the sweating sickness is accompanied by the progress of inflammation with the formation of purulent masses, the professionals involved in treatment, may prescribe the use of ointments and drugs that have antibacterial effects to eliminate the infection.

Preventive measures include a complete daily personal hygiene, timely change clothes, and skin treatment ordinary powder in case of increased perspiration.