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The aphakia

  1. Causes of aphakia
  2. The symptoms of the disease
  3. Treatment of aphakia

The aphakia

the disease caused by the absence of the crystalline lens in the eye.

Causes of aphakia

The disease occurs as a result of cataract surgery or much less after resorption of traumatic cataract.

The symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of aphakia

  • deep anterior chamber
  • iris visibly shaking with the movements of the eyes
  • on the place where he carried out surgical intervention, there is a limb or a scar of the cornea
  • if you did a combined extraction occurs coloboma of the iris, most often in its upper part
  • in the pupil area can be detected residue of the lens or capsule
  • biomicroscopy gives the paintings an optical slice of the lens.

Visual acuity without measures to correct it often is reduced to several hundredths. In the initial period after the cataract surgery noticeable strong astigmatism reverse type. He stabiliziruemost or passes up to 2 months.

Are diagnosed with aphakia on the basis of history and characteristic clinical features. In some cases, signs of aphakia can include subluxation or dislocation of the lens. With careful examination this is found the displacement of the lens.

Treatment of aphakia

In modern ophthalmology use such methods of treatment

  • correction with lenses a month after surgery. Initially the patient is prescribed glasses for the far distance. Once the patient get used to them prescribe glasses for use at close range (they are stronger than 3-4 diopters). Astigmatism carefully corrected
  • unilateral aphakia makes it impossible to use lenses they are not migrated because aniseikonia (misperception of the size of visible objects). So optical correction is most commonly performed using contact lenses, which reduces aniseikonia to a minimum, allowing for binocular vision
  • To restore it, in particular, with the help of orthoptic exercises, especially effective for young patients. If the correction using contact lenses does not give the depth of view at a high enough level, it can be solved question about intraocular correction (implantation of an artificial lens)
  • The result of treatment is quite effective if the changes in neuro-perceiving apparatus of the eye does not occur and the optical correction is performed correctly, the visual acuity will remain high for a long period.

Aphakia to diagnose and provide quality treatment and proper vision correction will help

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