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The ache of appendicitis

    Appendicitis is an inflammation of the Appendix. Mortality from acute appendicitis is approximately 0.1% -3%. Mortality among hospitalized on the first day about 5-10 times lower than patients who reach the hospital much later. It is therefore very important to diagnose the disease.

    How to spot appendicitis

    The main symptom of acute appendicitis is abdominal pain. They are most likely to occur after loss of appetite. In patients with acute appendicitis appear transient, diffuse or persistent pain around the navel or in the epigastric region. How to understand that pain in appendicitis? These pains are not similar to those that appear when the rupture of an ovarian cyst or a ruptured ulcer. Suddenly there are intense pain in the right lower abdomen. From the very beginning, the painful feelings are accompanied by symptoms of irritation of the peritoneum. Pain can occur in the right lower abdomen. Another sign of how sore appendicitis are pain that can Wake the patient from deep sleep.

    Character of pain in acute appendicitis

    With a classic acute appendicitis can be pain in the middle abdomen or in the epigastric region.

    Pain in acute appendicitis intermittent, sometimes constant. Their intensity can be mild or moderate. After some time, usually 4-6 to 24-26 hours, the pain may shift to the right lower abdomen. After the removal of the patients feel a constant dull pain, sometimes even intense in the right iliac region. From that moment, the patients really start to feel like starts to hurt appendicitis.

    In some cases, migration of pain is missing. That is, they immediately begin in the lower abdomen on the right. In such cases, pain in the location of the Appendix may be the only symptom of appendicitis. After the pain shifts to the right iliac region, they become more intense than those that were around the navel. The intensity of such pain in some cases may be negligible, and therefore, their identification is necessary to apply special techniques. It must be done by a doctor.

    The character and location of pain in appendicitis

    When retrotsekalnom location of the Appendix pain may predominate in the back or side. But from the front they absolutely will not. At long retrocecal located the Appendix pain in the upper square of the abdomen. Therefore, it is often misdiagnosis


    In pelvic location of the Appendix pain in the groin area above the vagina or in the left abdomen. These symptoms appear from a few hours to 2-3 days from the onset of the disease. Then you may experience symptoms of perforation of the Appendix.

    As begins to ache appendicitis

    The pain of appendicitis can be then weak, then strong, but it doesn’t stop.

    The pain intensifies when walking, the movements and position on the left side. Patients gently move, the hands hold the right iliac fossa. Remission of pain in appendicitis is not always a sign of coming prosperity. The lull may be due to the necrosis of the sensitive nerve endings serous cover of the Appendix.

    The sudden and sharp increase in pain is a very bad sign.

    If you don’t know how to understand what hurts appendicitis, you can use fairly simple techniques

    • you can lightly tap the pad of the index finger bent in the region of the right Ilium. In the case of appendicitis in this area is always a pain
    • for comparison, you can tap the left iliac region (if the Appendix is inflamed, there should be no pain)
    • it is also possible to cough loudly. If the pain in the right iliac region increased, you start appendicitis
    • you little smack with his palm in the place of the abdomen, where it hurts the most. To keep the arm may be 5-10 seconds, however the pain slightly loosens. After that you should take your hand, and if in this moment the pain is there, it is a sign of acute appendicitis
    • you can take the fetal position to lie on your right side and pull the legs to the torso. If you have appendicitis, the abdominal pain will weaken. When you turn on your left side and straightening legs, the pain of appendicitis increases.

    Feeling any pain described above, you should not delay and immediately consult a doctor. No need to wait hours or days to precisely study the nature, intensity and localization of pain it is better to trust a specialist. If appendicitis is confirmed in the first few hours after an inflammation of the Appendix, the operation will be easier, and the postoperative course will be more rapid and with minimal risk of consequences and complications.