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Sycosis beard

  1. The causes of sycosis of the beard
  2. Symptoms of sycosis of the beard
  3. The treatment of sycosis of the beard

Sycosis beard

relapsing chronic disease characterized by the appearance of folliculitis in the beard area in men with further diffuse lesions.

The causes of sycosis of the beard

Sycosis begins with folliculitis provoked by Staphylococcus aureus. In some cases it is beneficial, and in some cases leads to the formation of diffuse lesions and a tendency to retidiviruuschem chronicity. What affects this process, researchers have not completely figured out. According to statistics, the majority of patients with sycosis of the beard are in a satisfactory condition. Many patients physically developed, without any abnormalities and health problems.

According to some opinions, the cause of the sycosis of the beard is a disorder of the innervation of the hair papilla and follicle, which affects the change of the chemical composition of the follicle (he becomes an easy breeding ground for pyogenic cocci). There are also theories that the importance of endocrine disorders in the body.

Symptoms of sycosis of the beard

When sycosis is usually superficial folliculitis in the inflammatory process involved the upper part of the follicle. With disease folliculitis extends along the entire follicles. If you remove the affected hairs with a tweezer, you may find that the root is surrounded by a purulent clutch. Over time, follicular pustules form lesions. The total state of the patient normal observed only a few cases, neurotic state with insomnia.

Subjective symptoms include

  • a feeling of tension in the affected area
  • a little pain
  • minor itching.

When the expert examination will mark pus-filled the upper part of the dilated hair follicle filled with infiltration megalithomania space and other factors that indicate the course of chronic disease. Diagnosis simple. And only in individual cases must be differentiated from sycosis, eczema.

The treatment of sycosis of the beard

The disease is chronic, is treated for a long time, can last for years. Due to the chronic course prognosis is poor possible frequent relapses. Until recently, attempts to treat sycosis of the beard was ineffective. Now good results show the treatment with antibiotics, creams and ointments with antibacterial agent and means in the composition. At the time of treatment the patient is forbidden to shave the hair can only be cut with scissors. Wash also cannot clean the face usually with cotton wipe with salicylic alcohol.

To diagnose sycosis of the beard and provide treatment of the disease can dermatologist. To find a good expert in your city and make an appointment for an appointment using the website