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Subinvolusi uterus

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Treatment

Subinwalucia of the uterus

called a complication that occurs in women after childbirth due to weak uterine contractions. This pathology can be a cause of stagnation of the lochia and the emergence of infections, and occurrence of endometritis.


The main causes of the disease is the penetration of the infection during childbirth or due to the stagnation of puerperal discharge, as well as due to the stretching of the uterus due to mechanical damage.

The prevalence

There are two options for the development of subinvolution of the uterus post-partum period. The first type caused by penetration of the infection (infection) during childbirth.

The second type are caused by mechanical damage to the uterus caused by strong stretching (polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, prolonged or rapid delivery, cesarean section, uterine cervix) and is called the true subinvolution.


The first symptom to determine subinwalucia themselves are strong permanent bleeding of brown color.

There are times when the temperature rises to 37.5 degrees, which indicates the presence of inflammation in a woman’s body. Therefore, the detection of these diseases should immediately contact the doctor. For gynecologist the main symptom of the disease is loose, enlarged uterus.


Ways and methods of treatment depend on the shape and extent of the disease. If subinwalucia occurs along with inflammation, the treatment is done with antibiotics.

If the disease is the first stage in the development of endometritis, in addition to antibiotics, doctors prescribe medications that promote thinning of the blood and facilitate blood circulation in the uterus.

Often the course of treatment lasts 7-10 days, but here the crucial role played by the immune system of the patient.

If subinwalucia refers to the true mind and occurs due to stretching the muscles of the uterus, necessarily apply to preparations that are able to restore the density of its tissue, and stimulate muscle tone.

If the uterine cavity accumulate balances blood clots, them using the vacuum pump is removed, if there is post-partum discharge (lochia) them with a cold saline wash from the vagina.