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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Treatment


is quite acute violation associated with the circulation in the brain, which can lead to damage and death of cells in the brain. A stroke happens most often when the blood channels of the brain burst or are blocked by a blood clot, depending on this they are divided into hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes, respectively.

In this case there is the dying off of a certain part of nerve cells, then the human body loses some function, the result may be paralysis, and the man to lose it or there will be others – sufficiently serious breach of the functioning of the body.

According to official data the Framingham and Rochester studies, the total mortality of people from stroke, ischemia is only 19%, but the annual as a whole is 77%.

It is noticed that with age, the occurrence of stroke increases significantly. Although at present the disease has become much younger. Forty people affected by stroke – it is not a rare case. After fifty years, the percentage of developing the disease increases twice.


Description ischemic stroke

In the process of development of the diseases this type of stroke which is very similar to conventional myocardial infarction. This is due to the fact that is located in one of the arteries, atherosclerotic plaque, begins to disintegrate, and the place of such damage, it turns out the clot that is a blood clot that most often closes the lumen of the vessel. In this case, brain cells enough oxygen, and when all the surrounding blood arteries can not take the lay of function of the affected places, then for a short time they die. Sometimes it happens that the artery is sealed in small air bubbles, blood clots.

Most often it occurs in the course of injury or tumor.

Description of hemorrhagic stroke

Hemorrhage is the main cause of this disease. In such a situation, there is a rapid break one of the walls of blood arteries. The main reason for this can be the process of the aneurysm – that is, all violations of the integrity of vessel walls. But the provoking factor is a significant increase in blood pressure in the human body. During this, starts bleeding all over the meninges. Cells die from severe lack of air, and the blood that was spilt, squeezes of numerous neighboring the surface, disrupting their functioning.

A precursor that causes this disease can serve as a transient multiple violations of the total circulation in the head or another TIA. This can happen long before the stroke. TIA also called a mini stroke because it can temporarily suspend proper blood circulation directly in the brain. But, due to the lack of blood, the brain is no longer able to work. The symptoms of transient ischemic attack is similar to all the symptoms of a stroke but, unlike the present, it lasts only 10-20 minutes.


Most often, any stroke happens either at night or in the morning.

The first manifestation of the disease is

  • significantly, poor articulation of speech
  • rapid deterioration of vision
  • disturbed coordination of movements of the body of the patient
  • dizziness
  • the unsteadiness in the walk
  • severe pain in the head.

Often, the above symptoms can occur due to raise HELL in the human body. If you notice any of symptoms, you should immediately call the emergency ambulance. When you call, it is necessary to accurately describe the dispatcher what happened to arrived at the scene a specialized neurological team.


When a patient in a medical clinic, doctors immediately assess respiratory and cardiac function the body. If necessary, the patient is immediately sent directly to the intensive care unit ward. There he diagnose. It is worth remembering that if diagnosed with stroke, the treatment will be long and laborious.

In case of detection of ischemia stroke ultrasonography is conducted of all active vessels of the brain, and sometimes the full duplex scanning, cerebral angiography, Holter monitoring.

If the attending physician diagnosed a hemorrhagic stroke, to determine the exact reasons for its occurrence, have the procedure, angiography (cerebral) and Doppler ultrasound of all the major vessels of the head. As needed, the patient also may need to consult a highly skilled neurosurgeon.


Upon the occurrence of the disease, the affected area is formed, consisting of dead cells. Around this center the body’s cells become inactivated. Accordingly, it is necessary to restore their operation, which is rehabilitation.

Predictions for recovery, when the disease fully depends on several factors

  • extent of damage to the cortex of the human brain
  • speed first urgent care
  • rapid transport of patient in a medical institution
  • of the total of all necessary rehabilitation procedures
  • from the quality of care that directly depend on others, which during the post-stroke condition of an ill person. Need a lot of patience, and the maximum diligence to provide proper care throughout the recovery period.

Stroke is difficult to cure, but it is much easier previously to warn him. This requires attentive to their health. If you have symptoms of risk, it is necessary to take certain measures, but only under the supervision of the attending doctor.