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STD Information

Sexually Transmitted Disease / STD information is one of the most sought after subjects on the Internet. A part of me thinks this is unfortunate because misinformation and shame causes many people not to seek help.

The reason that time is of the essence when correctly diagnosing and treating a STD, is that many STDs expand the damage that they do to other vital organs, and even mutate into other virulent strains that can affect a person up to twenty years after the initial exposure.


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Literally millions and millions of people are walking around with no idea that they
have contracted an STD. Several widespread, virulent STDs show no obvious signs of infection until the disease affects more body parts; still others remain hidden until detected by a laboratory test. This is why researchers believe that at least 17 million people in the U.S. alone are walking around with one or more sexually transmitted diseases. And these people are fully capable of passing their STD on to others?

Still others, oftentimes many years after being infected, are being diagnosed with diseases like heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, arthritis, respiratory disorders, etc. that they dont realize started years earlier as a STD. This latency/mutation period?is an intensive study of researchers who are trying to unlock the extent of long-term damage that STDs play upon the body? Many, many years after initial exposure.

So you see, the long term implications of not knowing that you have a sexually transmitted disease,
an STD, is a serious matter?.

Sexually Transmitted Disease, STD Information is for everyone. Whether you consider yourself personally at risk or not, chances are you know someone who is at risk. The information contained in these web pages is both life saving and empowering.

Better the devil you knowthan the devil you dont?

I believe that the best approach to curing STDs (that are curable) is the one-two-punch:

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Along with Natural supplements as immune support modulators, and dietary guidelines during treatment.

It is possible to protect the body during the poisoning?phase of killing a curable STD with cytotoxic chemical antibiotics. The key is good information on how to go about this. (Scientists have yet to develop antibiotics (or other chemo agents) that leaves good tissue and healthy cells alone while they kill pathogens. We are just not there yet!)
Go to Yeast
Infection Remedy to learn more about this.

For Incurable STDs, I believe that Nature has a leg up on this one. The backbone of staving off the ravages of an incurable STD is a healthy immune system. In most cases, the natural approach works better, or just as well as any cytotoxic substance. Most people report feeling stronger, and more active with targeted nutritionals, versus chemical drugs, which are riddled with serious, sometimes life threatening side effects. I trust Nature on this one?

What I have written on this page is based upon over twenty years of experience of dealing with people infected with STDs, both curable and incurable. I view STDs as destructive diseases that need to be destroyed? not moral issues to be debated.

Please bookmark this site and this page?if you dont need the info right this minute?trust me?you may certainly need it in the future.

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