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Soft chancre Chancroid


(chancroid) is an infectious sexually transmitted disease, the development of which provokes Bacillus Ducrey-Peterson, is a short stick with rounded ends and constricted in the middle, forming a soft chancre.

In Europe, the disease imported from Africa, Asia and South America. Thus, in these countries, you should be very meticulous regarding personal hygiene, as there the disease is widespread.

Streptobacilli does not tolerate high temperatures. At 50 degrees it will not live five minutes. Also extremely harmful for her five-percent solution of carbolic acid, under which she will die in five seconds. In the context of stable low temperature Bacillus thrives, multiplies and progresses.


Infection with Bacillus Ducrey-Peterson is only possible during sexual intercourse, but there are known cases, when contactless was ill by medical professionals.

The disease manifests itself externally on the genitals and adjacent parts of the skin, such as the pubis, thighs and buttocks. In women can occur on the walls of the cervix and vagina. If the disease has occurred in a contactless way, then the chancre is localized on the hands. In General, the localization of the disease depends on which way ill patient, that is, during oral contact the sores appear in the mouth.

The latent phase of the disease lasts from two to four days. The immunity to this ailment does not develop, and possible relapse. This means that if ill have a permanent partner, they need the two to undergo treatment, even if the partner has no symptoms. If you ignore this advice, possibly repeated re-infection of the partners to each other.


Clinical symptoms are characterized by the formation of red spots on the insertion of the Bacillus into the body. Two or three days for them to ripen pustules or pimples, which then are opened to form ulcers chancroid.

Venereal ulcer over time is growing and may reach one and a half inches in diameter. It is often very painful, bleeds, has saped edge, uneven bottom, soft bottom and covered with a purulent coating. In this Mature new plaque germs, which are in contact with other, healthy skin, will become a new festering sores.

The formation of venereal ulcers ends on the fourteenth day of the first infection. Inflammation is reduced, the ulcer becomes less painful, the bottom is cleaned from pus and filled with tissues. About two months later, the wound seroprevalence.

Chancroid is of several types of funnel, towering, seceneginiz, follicular, herpetic, impetiginosa, difterence, crack-like defects, gangrenous and nodular.

Chancroid in women can be expressed using impaginato labia, chancroid in men sometimes manifests itself

the backrest member.


Diagnosis is detected on the skin of the genitals of existing ulcers. Next appoint microscopy analysis, which examined the scraping of tissue from the edge of the soft chancre or ulcer. You also need to be examined to exclude the possibility of disease
because symptoms are very similar with this disease.


Treatment of chancroid takes place exclusively in the hospital. In order to avoid infecting others the patient is placed in venereal dispensary. The course of treatment lasts from one to two weeks. Therapy is the specialized use of medications, monitoring health and General condition of the patient. Be sure to take antibiotics, ointments and baths with potassium permanganate.

For the prevention of infection with chancroid should avoid casual sex, reduce partners, use protection, observe the rules of personal hygiene. These rules are universal with respect to all sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections. You need to take care of your health and not to entrust this function to your (or even his) partner, it is better to hedge against all possible negative consequences.