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Sciatica Radiculopathy

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Treatment


call the defeat of the nervous system that occurs when pressure on the nerves extending from the spinal cord at all levels.


The location of the pain is shared

  • disease thoracic radiculitis
  • upper cervical radiculitis
  • cervical-brachial radiculitis
  • plasticno-sacral radiculitis.

Among all these varieties the most common is lumbar radiculitis


Sciatica can occur as a result of the development of osteochondrosis of the vertebral division of the disease, where the intervertebral cartilages are losing the necessary plasticity and begin to put pressure on the nerve endings, cartilage degeneration of the spine and associated displacement of the vertebrae begin to develop a hernia.

The second cause of sciatica can be the presence of congenital disorders in the structure of vertebrae, diseases of organs, the development of inflammation in the joints of the spine and the discs, tumors in the nervous system and inflammation, gynaecological, trauma to the spinal Department and other infections.


Common symptoms of sciatica are

  • pain all along the nerve endings
  • violation of sensitivity, and even disruptions in motor functions.

Sciatica may appear sharp pain in the cervical, upper and lower extremity, chest, lower back pain, aching or sharp,near the groin and abdomen.

The disease depends on the place of education where there is nerve entrapment, on the character of the pain can affect the tissue in the area where the infringement occurred.

Significant pain the infringement is expressed during compression of the nerve endings bony growths, disc connections, or dense tissue, the morbid nature observed in herniated discs.

If the pressure is soft tissue (ligaments or missimi), then the pain is less pronounced and fits it too subtle. Most often it occurs acutely and painfully, but sometimes becomes chronic with constant attacks.

When the affected chest this disease, the victim of systematic torture are stupid and encircling sensation in the intercostal parts, aggravated by a sudden gust or breath.

When disease of the cervical sciatica pain concentrated in the cervical and occipital part of the head considerably increased when turning or tilting the head, cough, and other jerks.

Produced a kind of defense of the body, the head is jolted backwards. In this disease, combined with osteochondrosis, spondylosis and other complications appear dizziness, disorders of hearing, jiggle while you walk.

Lumbar radiculitis develops as a consequence of physiological changes in the vertebrae and ligaments. Against the background of such deviations develop osteochondrosis, hernia. This disease often becomes chronic and is often exacerbated with the sharp deterioration.

Pain concentrated in the lumbar spine, in the region of the sciatic nerve, is significantly felt during movement or tilting of the housing.


You need to conduct a comprehensive examination of the symptoms of sciatica and treatment after the results. For a full and comprehensive survey conducted x-rays of the spine division in the forward and lateral angles, which provides a full picture of the nature of the disease.

In parallel, it is recommended to visit the female doctor, urologist and oncologist for timely detection of possible tumors and cancer in certain areas, which can also affect pinching the nerve branches and to render them irritant effect.

Usually treatment of sciatica is on such a schedule is strict bed rest on a hard bed, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers blockade. Sometimes, the affected area is administered proteolytic products.

Individually prescribed the use of vitamin complexes (B1,12) can be shown dehydration therapy or hormonal enzymes. Reception of ganglionic and muscle helps to reduce pain and brings significant relief to the patient.

After the elimination of acute pain physiotherapy procedures shown UV exposure, the current Bernard, inductotherapy, UHF and procedures in the electrophoresis, light and relaxing physical treatments (exercises), massages neck and back muscles.

In order to preventive measures is assigned to a Spa treatment sessions medical bath, mud taping, carrying out balneotherapy, drugs drugs that increase blood circulation.

Radiculopathy an umbrella term, under which doctors understand the list of symptoms characteristic of sciatica.

Sciatica sacral requires a more careful approach when carrying out medical procedures. During maintenance activities should be placed on an inclined rigid surface with fixation under the arms – this position contributes to stretching the spine, expands the inter disc space and significantly reduces the compression of the nerve endings.

Sciatica or radicular syndrome, a disease that can develop on the background of many diseases, and to eliminate the symptoms will be a long and balanced treatment, but prevention too should not be neglected.