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Scarlet fever the symptoms of the disease and its treatment

You can get infected with scarlet fever from someone who is a carrier of any streptococcal infection, through the air, other options exist. After scarlet fever the human body produces strong immunity, resulting in the possibility of re-infection is absent.

Scarlet fever in adults scarlet fever and in children may occur as a result of the following factors

  • in chronic diseases of the throat
  • at low immunity
  • in the presence of acute viral infections
  • during the cold season.


The symptoms of scarlet fever can be caused by direct effects on the body streptococcal toxin and the Streptococcus, which contributes to the development of angina. The disease appears suddenly and immediately makes itself felt, the person sharply raises the temperature of the whole body, there is General malaise, nausea and vomiting and lost appetite.

When scarlet fever appears on the tonsils purulent plaque, throat becomes red, and really scratchy, the language appears plaque, which is gray, and after a few days, the language becomes bright crimson color.

The rash of scarlet fever has a pink hue, which covers the whole body starting from the face and neck, and ending with the lower limbs. Typically, such eruptions are held for 5 days and then begin to disappear, but in their place, the skin starts to peel, this condition will last another 2-3 weeks. Also in this disease there is increased lymph nodes in neck that hurt when they push. The incubation period of scarlet fever lasts for 10-12 days.

Forms of scarlet fever

Such diseases as scarlet fever, can have multiple forms of development, each of which has its own characteristic. A typical form of scarlet fever can be of varying severity.

  • mild form is characterized by slight fever, pain in throat, malaise, rash and its duration is usually about 5 days
  • moderate form is characterized by a very high temperature, a sore throat, which appear on the tonsils pus formation on the body there is a strong rash, vomiting may occur, as a rule, the period of the disease this form lasts for 8-10 days
  • severe form can be one of three types of toxic, septic and toxic-septic. The toxic level is characterized by high body temperature, and mental disorders that cause hallucinations and loss of consciousness. Patients get frequent vomiting and increased heart rate. For septic form is characterized by inflammation of the throat, nose and respiratory tract, are also enlarged lymph nodes under the lower 4
  • toxico-septic form includes the features of both forms and is characterized by a very serious condition of the patient
  • an atypical form of quite easy course of the disease, in which there is no rash, fever, malaise, typically, the patient’s condition normalizerbase in 2 days
  • extrapharyngeal form is characterized by swollen lymph nodes and lesions of the oropharynx, however, the tonsils themselves become inflamed practically.


Diagnosis of scarlet fever goes through the following stages

  • a survey of the patient – physician finds out that it bothers the patient, then makes a full inspection of the presence of rash, temperature, checks the state of the throat, etc.
  • the next stage is assigned to a blood test, which determine the number of leukocytes and neutrophils
  • at the last stage of bacteriological method applied, which implies the seeding of mucus from the pharynx to detect Streptococcus.


Because the disease may take place in different stages and forms, the treatment of scarlet fever is done either at home or in hospital. If the form of the disease is very severe and is characterized by all possible symptoms, a patient is taken to the hospital where he is under constant medical supervision. If the form of scarlet fever is light, in this case, the doctor prescribes treatment at home and gives essential guidance and recommendations.

When the patient is at home, it is isolated in a separate room to prevent the infection of other family members, there are separate utensils and towels, daily ventilate the room, and regularly do wet cleaning. Typically, the patient should stay in bed for 5 days, drink lots of fluids and consume as many vitamins, spicy and smoked food need to forget to full recovery.

For the treatment of diseases of scarlet fever, necessarily prescribe a course of antibiotics and antiallergic drugs.


As with any other disease, early treatment of the disease, completely eliminate the consequences and complications. If the disease was in the most severe phase, possible complications such as otitis media, frequent inflammation of the lymph nodes, kidney and heart, as well as problems with joints. Therefore, you should always remember that as soon as any signs of scarlet fever should immediately go to the doctor – then everything goes without complications, and the patient quickly goes on the amendment.


Streptococci, provoke the emergence of such diseases as scarlet fever, like places with large concentrations of people, there for them the most favorable environment. Therefore, this disease is very common in kindergartens, in this case, all children who had contact with the patient, subject to the quarantine, which can last for several weeks.

Another preventive step is earlier detection of disease and timely isolation of the patient from others. No vaccination against scarlet fever does not exist, but a refresher once this disease, vyrabatyvaetsya the immune system, getting sick again is impossible. Doctors recommend that all strengthen the immune system, eat more vitamins, more walk in the fresh air, to harden, to preserve the health.