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Ringworm on the skin

    According to doctors-dermatologists often LISAM ill people are a long time in stressful situations and with a weakened body resistance due to lowered immunity. Although in most cases, shingles occurs due to the introduction of the virus into the body, but often it happens that the cause of the disease supports a genetic predisposition.

    An allergic reaction to some drugs can also cause depriving. At risk of the disease Liam are people who are prone to frequent colds due to prolonged hypothermia.

    This disease occurs in all patients differently, depending on the individual characteristics of each organism. Skin ringworm in humans in one case, may appear a small spot, and the other from hitting large areas of the skin of the body. Ringworm is a common name, but in fact there are several types of lichen, which differ from each other symptoms. The differences in colors that range from pale pink to red. Localization of lesions of all types of lichen are almost identical, i.e. rash on any part of the human body, but mostly on the limbs.

    Although, on the scalp, neck and back rash are rare. And their localization in the area of the mouth and genitals isolated cases. The shape of the lesions also there are differences. They can be in the form of flaky patches, and in the form of blisters filled with fluid.

    In addition to diseases with obvious symptoms observed and the latent form of the disease, where the symptoms are completely absent. This form of the disease usually requires no special treatment. But, the majority of cases LISAM sun have pronounced symptoms including constant itching, which is impossible not to pay attention.

    So all-taki, who is responsible for the incidence Liam? Basically, it is microscopic fungi that enter the human body. There are among the causative agents of cutaneous lichen are fungi that can live on the body of the animal, and the human body is zooanthroponosis mushrooms. They can transmit the disease from sick animals to humans. There are fungi, a habitat of which the human body is Antropogennye mushrooms. Transmission of the disease from one person to another, can only occur with close contact. There is Esch one type of mushroom geophilidae, and follows from the name, they live in the land. Therefore, infection can occur through contact with semly in which they live, these microscopic fungi.

    The immune system most people quite successfully cope with the attacks of pathogenic fungi and prevents the development of lichen on the skin. If immunity is reduced by a prolonged illness, stress, hypothermia, or other factors, when applied to the skin of a person, the fungi begin to actively proliferate in the upper layers of the epidermis. The symptoms depend not only on species, but on the human response to the intrusion of an enemy agent. In addition to fungi. and viruses can be the causative agent. The adult infection with this virus can cause shingles and chicken pox baby. Not always the virus immediately provokes the disease, it can sit in the human body and to wait until the immune system fails.

    Ringworm of the skin needs to diagnose the patient only the doctor-the dermatologist, because of the great diversity of its types and symptoms.

    Pityriasis rosea is still a matter of controversy in its etiology, but, presumably, it is of viral origin. Basically, this kind of suffer depriving girls with a weakened immune system.

    Ringworm is a fungal etiology, and apply to scalp. In most cases, children become victims of this microscopic fungus. The infection occurs mainly during prolonged contact with tarannum man and sharing hats and Raschke.

    Microsporia it is caused by infection with the fungus microsporium Kanis that gift in cats. Often affects children because they are curious and stroking their own and other cats on the street.

    Shingles is a viral disease, and to blame here, the herpes virus. If there is no immunity to this kind of fungus (i.e., not chickenpox in childhood chickenpox) in older age can appear shingles.

    Pityriasis fungal etiology. Affects not only the skin but also the mucous membranes, the nails. Risk group of middle-aged women with abnormalities of the biliary tract and of the digestive tract, with diabetes.

    Symptoms in different species of lichen are not very drastic. From depriving any etiology and any type of mandatory symptom is severe itching. Localization, color and shape of the spots, they may differ from each other. Any kind of cutaneous zoster treatment needs to determine a dermatologist because of viral and fungal etiology of this disease are treated with completely different medicines. No need to imagine prescribe treatment! Improper use of drugs distorts the clinical picture of the disease, and complicate even the most experienced doctor choose the right treatment.