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Rheumatoid arthritis in children symptoms

  1. Kind of arthritis
  2. Why do I get rheumatoid arthritis in children?
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis in children symptoms in sensation
  4. How is the treatment?

    Various diseases of the joints have now become a problem not only adult but also young children. Particularly common rheumatoid arthritis. The disease occurs due to damage of the joints. As practice shows, the girls have rheumatoid arthritis is found more often.

    Let us see what are the varieties of arthritis.

    Kind of arthritis

    Rheumatoid arthritis in children is of two forms

    • articular
    • joint and visceral.

    Joint damage

    This form occurs gradually during this period for the child characteristic bursts of exacerbations of pain, but the temperature is not increased. Symptoms include allergic rashes or other signs of allergic conditions. The pathological process usually involves the defeat of such sites

    • knee joints
    • ankle joints
    • small hand joints
    • elbow.

    Other joints affected, but not as often. Even the initial stage of the disease can cause deformation of the forms of joints, redness of the affected areas, limiting their functionality, and in the final stage to the weight loss of the muscles of the affected limb.

    Damage to the articular-visceral system

    This course of the disease is also called form still. Rheumatoid arthritis in children this form is the most severe, so the symptoms are pronounced

    • acute onset and rapid progression of the disease
    • fever
    • massive syndrome of the joints
    • pleurisy and pericarditis
    • not affects one joint, but several, in this case symmetrically
    • in some cases, affects all the joints.

    Why do I get rheumatoid arthritis in children?

    One can not say about the causes of this disease. It belongs to the category of autoimmune, because during illness the body refuses to recognize its own cells, and begins to actively fight against them, gradually destroying the entire body. Inflammatory reactions occur in tissues and allergen are the joints.

    Rheumatoid arthritis in children may develop the following shell joints (called synovial) is affected by antigen. What this substance, is still unknown, but scientists suggest that the viruses and bacteria. Then you change the structure of cells responsible for immunity. The body perceives these cells as foreign and tries to destroy them. The result is that the body fights with itself, and it is expressed mainly on the condition and functionality of the joints.

    Rheumatoid arthritis in children symptoms in sensation

    To determine the disease of this kind in a child is much harder than an adult, because mom and dad often take the complaints of their child as a sham. The initial stage of arthritis in this category is without pain in the joints. The child’s behavior is no different from usual, he leads an active life, runs and plays. In this case, worrying is if the boy or girl fever.

    It could exceed the norm throughout the day, and only periods. In such a situation, the temperature does not knock even with the help of special medications. Next appear these symptoms increase in the size of lymph nodes, pain in the joints, redness, swelling, limitation of their functionality, allergic rash, which are visually similar to acne, pain in the muscles, pleurisy, pericarditis.

    But joint pain is the main symptom. The disease can damage as a separate part of the tissues and the entire body.

    How is the treatment?

    The key to successful treatment, as you know – time to determine the onset of inflammatory processes. Parents should understand that rheumatoid arthritis in children is no laughing matter, and leave the course of the disease without action is impossible. If you notice any changes in the joints of their child, or be troubled by constant changes in body temperature, it is necessary to take action. To turn to traditional medicine not recommended because the disease is quite serious and can lead to disability if not time to start treatment.

    Your first step should be to appeal to the rheumatologist that will outline a comprehensive treatment. He will be given the child an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medicines. If the inactive stage of the disease, the recommendations focused on visits to resorts that use a variety of therapy and Wellness. By using such procedures it is really to establish the activity of the child, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

    It is equally important to make the child a special diet that will exclude from the diet of harmful products that can cause of rheumatoid arthritis and strengthen its development. In the category of such products include citrus, potatoes, whole milk, chocolate. This is not the whole list, but from what specifically I should avoid and what you can leave can only tell the doctor. Only the application of all actions will be most effective for the child. The main thing is not to self-medicate, and in time to seek help.