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it is a mental illness in which the patient experiences an irresistible craving to commit arson. Attraction occurring impulsive, almost never arson is the intentional and deliberate or planned wrongdoing.


Experts believe that the basis of Pyromania (impulse to set fire to) is abnormal or disturbed personality development. There is an opinion that the cause of this mental disorder is one of the worst forms of sexual deviance.

According to observations, most often the disorder is manifested in children and adolescents. For all kids older than three years, a box of matches this is a very interesting and attractive subject. Children love to watch a bonfire or a candle, but at the same time, their mentality is very immature, they do not understand that their actions can lead to serious consequences.

But an adult arsonist knows fire can do to a house or car. Doctors say that the causes of arson are associated with the appearance of the primitive instinct, which even an adult and adequate man sometimes to cope. Especially problems if the pyro underdeveloped intellect or to have other mental disorders it can not always overcome a strong desire to blow something up.

Doctors believe that Pyromania is much more than stated by official statistics, because the psychiatric examination are not more than 10% of the arsonists. They tell interrogation that he wanted to see how beautiful the burning flames or wanted to impress someone with arson.

Interestingly, among the 10% of the identified arsonists only a quarter are female. More than 10% of cases pyromaniac people with a sick mentality, and one in four has a serious tendency to relapse, and serial arson. Criminologists have considered the case where the patient, who underwent a psychiatric examination, committed arson more than six hundred times. Psychiatrists say that pyro can even serve in the fire service, committing arson and extinguish them.


Pyromania, as a violation of the psyche, began to allocate in 1824, to the present day on the subject being debated. This disease is almost not studied and conceals a lot of mysteries. Pyromania as a phenomenon of interest not only to psychiatrists, and lawyers, because the responsibility for the Commission of arson, proper qualification of relevant and controversial issue in law.

Psychiatrists believe that Pyromania is still a disease that can be attributed to serious mental disorders. Person without any explanation leads to the crime of arson, while a pyromaniac is interested in the process, because in the course of it he is experiencing pleasure. Who suffers from Pyromania often does not hide the fact that he was involved in the fire. Some experts believe that the true incidence of this disease is very rare and is also accompanied by other very serious mental disorders. Often associated with




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