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the disease, which occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy due to pregnancy complications. Is severe preeclampsia and is characterized by elevated blood pressure, edema, impaired functioning of the Central nervous system.

You should know that this pathology occurs most frequently in women who are pregnant for the first time and with late diagnosis and further treatment pose serious risk for both the pregnant woman and fetus.

Preeclampsia during pregnancy is manifested by spasm of the peripheral vessels of the situation arising due to the destruction of local vasoconstrictors enzymatic secrets of the placenta. In women pregnant with this pathology is not enough, from-for what there are spasms of blood vessels, and reduced placental circulation. So, as a result of reduced blood flow to the fetus, which is why there is a delay its development, and also circulation vasoconstrictors in a woman’s body during pregnancy. The circulation of these elements leads to the development of high blood pressure and reduce renal blood flow, causing ischemic damage to glomeruli. This is characterized by proteinuria, water retention in the body and swelling.


The disease preeclampsia in pregnant women there are three degrees of severity. So, the first degree is easy. Its characteristic is to increase pressure not more than 15090 RT. article and proteinuria up to 1 sec. in addition, swelling of the lower extremities. First degree is the number of platelets in the blood 180109, and creatinine no more than 100 mmol.

The occurrence of mild preeclampsia with no symptoms is possible, however, for expectant mother the opportunity of identifying the onset of the disease. Due to this fact, women during pregnancy to prevent this disease appropriate course is a systematic examination by a doctor and also must pass tests in all periods of pregnancy.

The second degree of pre-eclampsia average. So, at this time, blood pressure can rise to 170110 mm Hg. article, and at delivery of the analysis to detect protein in urine, its presence may have more than 5. The fluctuation in the number of platelets in the blood is from 150 to 180109, and creatinine more than 300 mkmoll.

The woman, the patient with preeclampsia middle degree, there are complaints of a feeling of headaches in the neck and forehead. In addition, there is the risk of possible impairment that will manifest the flickering flies. Felt pain in my side and the right side due to swelling of the liver.

Preeclampsia severe one of the most dangerous types

characterized by convulsions. The degree of pathological process can flow in

that could threaten the health and also the life of the expectant mother and her child.


You should know that at present the causes of preeclampsia, which is called as late toxemia of pregnancy has not been fully elucidated. So, the disease can be regarded as a pathology which is due to genetic locations. In this case indicate a violation of the adaptation of the female organism to the conditions of pregnancy.

In the process of development of the disease preeclampsia, the degree of which have the characteristic spasm of blood vessels, this phenomenon occurs due to impaired formation of hormones, for example, angiotensin, prostacyclin, thromboxane, which regulate vascular tone. In addition, may increase blood viscosity and clotting.

You should know that the disease preeclampsia causes may be improper conduct and lifestyle before and during pregnancy.


The disease preeclampsia treatment should be in hospital, because there are cases where this pathology provokes premature births. Severe complication of pregnancy with an affected Central nervous system is fraught with serious pathogenesis in the future.

If a woman has severe degree of the disease have not yet developed, for its prevention, the patient is recommended bed rest and diet restrictions of salty food, fat, and a decrease in the liquid. So, the patient should eat food with enough protein and the diet should be foods with essential minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium and others), vitamins.

In the treatment of the disease should be applied manipulations, which result in normalizerbase blood pressure levels. In addition, it is advisable to support the work of the heart, liver and other affected organs using oxygen and the appointment vasodilating drugs.


Due to the fact that the disease is the risk of serious complications, even for women who do not suspect this pathology, prevention of pre-eclampsia remains popular. So, it is necessary, first of all, the planned and desired pregnancy. Should be timely to prepare for this period, namely to carry out the procedure, which revealed chronic and gynecological diseases and their subsequent treatment.

In addition, to prevent signs of pre-eclampsia, even before the 10th week of pregnancy, a woman needs in a timely manner to become on the account in female consultation. In the future, it is advisable to regularly visit a gynecologist (for the first time 1 month and then 1 every 10 days) to prevent this disease may assign different analysis, research, and treatment.