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Painful intercourse Dysparunia

  1. The reasons for dysphrenia
  2. Symptoms dysphrenia
  3. Treatment dysphrenia

Painful intercourse (dysparunia)

the pain of a mental nature in the pelvic area or the vulva, which a man or woman experience during intercourse. Dysphrenia in women manifests as pain in the injection or deep penetration of the penis in men pain during sexual response (erection).

The reasons for dysphrenia

Painful intercourse is more common in women. Mental causes dysparunia

  • fear (as the consequence of previous bad sexual experiences or the fear of getting pregnant, as well as other phobias and fears). Because of this, there is insufficient sexual arousal, produced little vaginal lubrication
  • averse (aversion to sex). Most often occurs due to a mismatch of the external or the moral character of the partner’s sexual preferences
  • manner lead partner, sexual intercourse is rough, leading to pain and further fear the next sexual acts.

Pain during intercourse may provoke and physiological reasons. They should be excluded when making a diagnosis, since the ratio of dysphrenia they have only indirect. Men tight foreskin, tears of the frenulum (temporary pain). In women the hymen is a sensitive inflammatory and infectious processes, hormonal changes in postmenstrually period some diseases that reduce the production of vaginal lubrication (e.g.,

) clitoral adhesions congenital defects in the sexual organs.

Symptoms dysphrenia

The main symptom of pain during intercourse or after it. The degree may be different from discomfort to very severe pain. To diagnose dysphrenia initially excluded physiological causes. Therefore, the patient referred for urological or gynecological examination, hormonal profile. Only after this we will conduct clinical psychological examination. It is also recommended to examine sexual partner (if permanent).

Treatment dysphrenia

If the identified physical causes of pain, they eliminate specialists (gynecologist, urologist). For the period of treatment is recommended to refrain from sexual activity until the condition improved. When you eliminate physical causes (or lack thereof) comes the turn of psychotherapeutic treatment. It includes a steam room and individual, rational and suggestive psychotherapy. If the detected psychopathological symptoms, the doctor may prescribe a mild neuroleptics, antidepressants, tranquilizers.

To provide diagnosis and treatment of dysparunia can experienced therapist. To find the right specialist in your city and make an appointment for an appointment via the website Doc.ua.