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Pagano diet for psoriasis

    American doctor John Pagano first drew attention to the relationship between diet and psoriasis. Based on the ideas of American doctor Edgar Cayce, he has developed a treatment programme for patients with psoriasis without the use of drugs. According to the theory Pagano to maintain health in psoriasis is necessary to maintain the balance of the 3 components of a good diet, positive mood and cleansing of harmful substances. Skin diseases talking about the internal failure of the body, so you need a proper diet.

    Diet John Pagano when psoriasis involves the use of salaciously products, water, various fruits and vegetables, fresh juices. They should be a major part of the power of the patient. In another part of the acid-forming foods include grains, fish, meat, milk, eggs, vegetable oil. They should be 20-30% of the total ration and schelocheobrazuyuschie products – 70-80%.

    Thanks Pagano diet for psoriasis there is improvement in the General condition of the patient, slowing the process of the withering away of skin on psoriatic plaques, eliminates itching and inflammation, the disease is in remission. Additionally, this diet helps to cleanse the body, weight loss, which is important in skin diseases.

    Principles of the diet of John Pagano psoriasis

    John Pagano believes that the treatment of psoriasis should happen naturally. Only proper nutrition and exercise will allow you to achieve a stable result. Diet for psoriasis Pagano allows to use such products as

    • fresh fruit pineapple, nectarines, mango, papaya, raisins, cherries, grapes, lemon, oranges
    • vegetables broccoli, beets, green beans, cucumbers, celery, watercress, carrot and sweet potato
    • cereal
    • almonds
    • meat and fish dishes, it is recommended to eat more lamb, less birds
    • cow’s and goat’s milk
    • yogurt, kefir, buttermilk or low-fat
    • bran
    • crumbly oatmeal in the water, buckwheat, corn, wheat, barley
    • whole wheat bread.

    However, the diet has its own characteristics. It is forbidden to eat such vegetables as peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant. They contribute to the exacerbation of psoriasis. In small quantities allowed to consume rhubarb, Brussels sprouts and pumpkin. Bananas, apples, melons should be consumed as a separate meal. It is better not to combine with yogurt and cereal. Citrus fruits and fresh juices should not be consumed with dairy, and whole grain foods. Try not to overeat and eat in small portions.

    It is necessary to maintain a normal chair, move more exercise, but in moderation, and avoid stretching the skin. To increase alkalinity, it is useful to drink a glass of water with lemon juice. To include in the diet more fruits and vegetables. They can be eaten fresh, boiled or baked. Diet Pagano in psoriasis recommends the use of fresh juices of apricots, oranges, pears, grapefruit, grapes. You can drink the water purified, preferably mineral type mineral water. It is useful to drink herbal teas of chamomile, rosehip, mint.

    To acid products include

    • sweet and starch
    • meat and protein foods
    • margarine, butter, high fat content, coconut oil
    • tomato juice, soda drinks
    • vinegar and other spices
    • sugar and products from it.

    Prohibits all spicy, fatty, fried, salted and smoked products, with added flavourings and preservatives, products made from white flour, chocolate and sweets, ice cream, black tea, coffee, alcohol and Smoking. Sometimes you can afford to drink 150 g of dry wine or vodka, but only in the period of remission and rarely.

    General recommendations for diet Pagano

    Before Pagano diet for psoriasis you need to cleanse the body of toxins. At this stage you need to stick to mono and to clean the bowel using special procedures. It is recommended that the mono-diet on apples or citrus fruits for 3 days or on fruits for 5 days. Intestinal cleansing can be done in the clinic under medical supervision. After you have cleaned the body, it is necessary to adhere to a strict diet that prohibits certain types of products.

    To perform complex exercises for strengthening back and spine. Pagano examined the patients and noted that disorders of the spine led to the formation of new lesions on the skin. The reason is that while curvature of the spine is compressed the discs and slows down the bloodstream. This leads to the fact that the normal nutrition of the skin slows down, causing exacerbation of psoriasis. Useful walking, yoga, fitness, but try to avoid undue stress and stretching of the skin.

    During the diet of John Pagano psoriasis are advised to undergo cosmetic treatments. Using the procedures you clear the skin from dead particles and update it. At this stage, you need to visit the sauna, steam room, take a steam bath. It cleanses the body of toxins, improves mood, cleans and refreshes the surface of the skin.

    During treatment of psoriasis it is necessary to take complex vitamins, especially antioxidants. They destroy the free radicals that lead to aging and skin dryness. Vitamins C, a, PP, E help to strengthen the vascular wall. B vitamins support the nervous system in normal condition, protect the body from stress, restore the skin, improve the condition of hair. Vitamin complexes can be taken in pill form or you can get from food in its natural form.

    An important part of treatment for Pagano is to support spiritual balance. You should try to avoid stress, worries and negative emotions. During and after treatment it’s important to take a positive result, not to despair, to throw away bad thoughts. After work, try to relax and take in the fresh air, meet some nice people. Good music and interesting books will help to overcome stress, improve mood.