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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

Neurotic disorder



develops from the fact that man is in a constant state of stress. A feature of this disease is that the person complains of pain in the different organs and body parts, but with careful examination, doctors are unable to detect changes in the body, particularly in the Central nervous system.


There are several forms of disorders. It is asthenia (neurasthenia), obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessive-phobic) and hysterical.


With neurasthenia characterized by high emotionality, quickly get tired during exercise, their too worried about a painful condition. At-risk people-perfectionists, which have high requirements to myself. When they realize that nedotyagivaet to the level of their own ideals, there is internal conflict.


Another form of OCD. To risk his pedantic and anxious people, who tend to meditate for a long time and in detail to analyze the phenomena. Disorder they have seen in the development of fears and doubts. Several times they check if the door is locked, afraid to get any infection, etc.

Hysterical neurosis

The hysterical form of the disease touches people with a rich imagination, which tend to dramatize the events. Such people suffering with this disorder are prone to autosuggestion. For example, they can convince themselves that they are sick with something serzno, without any reason.


As mentioned above, the main reason for the development of neurotic disorders are nerazluchnye conflicts both external and internal circumstances, lead to psychological trauma, prolonged emotional and mental stress. Here and neurosis of the heart is not far off.

In fact, the transformation nebesnyh problems and stressful situations in the symptoms of the disease. Prozrachny conflict disrupt the interaction of the Central nervous system with other systems of the body that man perceives in the form of symptoms of diseases of the internal organs. When this occurs, the imbalance between the neurotransmitters are molecules that convey the impulses responsible for the interaction of different brain structures.

As for pregnant women, they have a disorder develops on the background of hormonal changes. In this condition women greatly irritated, often cry and even go into hysterics for no apparent reason.


Recognize the symptoms of neurosis, even a good specialist is quite difficult. On the doctor patients talk about dizziness, tingling fingers, and chilliness of the extremities or the opposite of sweating that occurs anxiety and fear, fatigue. Appears ujasnoe heartbeat, pain in the heart, broken heart rate.

The digestive system responds with swelling, constipation and diarrhea, decrease in appetite so manifests itself neurosis of the stomach.

People with this disorder are watching themselves frequent urination, decreased libido. Sometimes there is an unpleasant itching in the genital area.

Suffering and psyche. The patient in a constant state of stress triggers obsessive thoughts and actions, it becomes very touchy, weepy, sensitive and irritable.

Quite often, the neurosis in children, as in adults, is accompanied by a feeling of a lump in the throat, the patient is not enough air, he often yawns.


On reception at the doctor the patient must describe in detail the symptoms of neurosis as long there were complaints of pain, and to tell you about my emotional state. The doctor will try to determine if the patient is interpersonal or internal conflicts.

In the framework of the diagnosis consultations with a psychologist or psychiatrist, neurologist. If ailments complains pregnant, it requires a visit to the obstetrician-gynecologist. And only then prescribe treatment.


Treatment of OCD usually includes psychotherapy, which helps to get rid suffering internal conflicts and to gain mental and emotional balance.

In parallel can be assigned to a Spa treatment or at least maintenance of optimum mode of work and rest.

In more heavy cases, the patient is administered Prim medicines-antidepressants. They normalize the balance of neurotransmitters. Helps to get rid of disorders sport gymnastics, swimming.


To prevent neurosis is much easier than beating it. The list of recommendations is quite simple.

First of all, you need to get rid of bad habits of Smoking and drinking alcohol. No matter how corny it sounds, but you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Useful daily two-hour walks in fresh air, moderate exercise, adherence of sleep (at least 8 hours) and waking. Blood pressure monitoring is mandatory.

To eat at least twice a day. The diet should be sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, which provide the body with necessary vitamins. At home and at work, no matter what, try to avoid conflict situations.

It is important to remember that prolonged state of neurosis is fraught with depression and impaired social adaptation.

Timely identification of the problem the key to successful and rapid treatment. So should be the rule periodic preventive examination by a doctor. Do not delay with the visit to the clinic, if the problem becomes apparent.

We need to learn from the good traditions of the Europeans. One of them is the address to the psychologist or psychiatrist, if there is internal or interpersonal conflicts, which can not cope on their own.