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Neurocirculatory dystonia

Neurocirculatory dystonia

refers to a group of functional disorders. Yet it is called a disease of the soul. Most often it hurt young women. The disease occurs because of a violation of humoral and neural regulation of vascular tone. As a consequence, the cardiovascular system responds inappropriately to stimuli. Therefore, people with NDCs hard to tolerate physical exertion and stress. Undulating course of the disease, when the exacerbations comes the period of remission. The disease poses no threat to life, but is some discomfort.


NDCs often develops after a severe emotional stress or trauma, dystonia is inherited and is a result of hormonal shift. When examining a patient a doctor noted a game of the pupils, too rapid pulsation of the carotid arteries, the person is unable to make the forced exhalation.

In the period of exacerbation of the disease appear areas of pain intercostal muscles especially in the 34 th intercostal space. Disease klassificeret on several criteria of etiology, severity, clinical manifestations. According to the etiology of the NDC is essential, psychogenic, toxic, due to professional factors arising from physical stress. Clinical syndromes of myocardial, cardiology and tradionally, hypertonic and hypotonic, respiratory, asthenia, and peripheral vascular disorders.

There are three degrees of the disease light, medium, heavy. In General, the share of the NDC on hypertonic and hypotonic type, they differ not only by the difference in blood pressure but symptoms.

So, the patients diagnosed with neurocirculatory dystonia on hypotonic type have pale skin and asthenic body type, they complain of muscle weakness and chilliness. Patients with dystonia on hypertonic type usually are overweight. The symptoms headaches, fatigue, palpitations.


The disease is multifaceted, it can appear quite diverse. In this state, impaired activity of the cardiovascular system, which responds with aching or stitching pains in the heart, disruption of the body or acceleration of its rhythm, pulsation vessels neck and head. Pain occur after the stress, overwork, due to changes in the weather.

The next morning the face is swollen. Asthenic syndrome develops due to which the person feels a weakness, rapid fatigue, reduced performance.

Disorders observed and the respiratory system shortness of breath when walking fast, sensation of incomplete breath, lump in throat, gets worse in a stuffy room. Sometimes there is fear of suffocation.

Night frequent vegetative crises appears headache, sweating, dizziness, eyes dark. A person can faint or lose consciousness. The duration of this crisis of 2030 minutes, but sometimes this condition can last for several hours. Sometimes it is accompanied by copious urination, or loose stools. Also there is little temperature fluctuation in one direction or another.


Correct diagnosis requires examinations by several specialists, endocrinologist, cardiologist and neurologist. Accurate diagnosis is difficult because the disease has non-specific symptoms which are characteristic, in particular, to quite severe and dangerous pathologies. So you need to eliminate neurosis, thyrotoxicosis, coronary artery disease, heart disease etc. that is why a number of studies. Patients undergoing ECG, echocardiography, chest x-rays, the daily monitoring of HELL, a tilt test, ultrasound of internal organs, as well as a blood test for hormone levels.


First of all, eliminate the cause of the NDC stressful situations, to organize the family environment and eliminating conflicts at work. If we are talking about infectious-toxic form of dystonia, it is necessary to eliminate sources of infection to carry out sanitation of the oral cavity, cure infections, to conduct a tonsillectomy. If the impact of physical or occupational factors eliminate their impact, which sometimes requires changing the place of work. neurocirculatory dystonia, the treatment is conducted in the office of the therapist. Sometimes rational psychotherapy is more effective than medication. During the session the patient goes on to clarify the nature of the disease, the focus is on a favorable forecast, he is taught techniques of self-hypnosis, meditation and muscle relaxation.

Sometimes the therapy sessions are more effective if they are relatives of the patient they, too, are informed about the cause of the problem and ways of its overcoming.

Parallel carried out the rehabilitation of the interaction of the hypothalamus, the limbic areas of the brain, internal organs. This applies to drug therapy, appointed by sedatives, antidepressants, tranquilizers, nootropics, cerebrovasculature. They calm the nervous system, relieve feelings of fear and anxiety, reduce anxiety. Also taking medications are able to improve quality processes and improve blood circulation, improve memory. Normal and cerebral blood flow, it is possible to reduce the frequency and strength angiodistonia headaches, dizziness, etc.

Welcome beta adrenoblokatorov normalizes the tonus of sympathoadrenal system in patients with hypertensive type NDCs with high sympathetic tone.

Along with the drugs pharmacotherapy used herbal formulas, which include Matricaria recutita, Valerian, peppermint, motherwort, lemon balm, etc. Improve after taking the teas, decoctions and tinctures of these herbs occurs within 23 weeks, but to achieve a lasting effect it is necessary to 68 months. The treatment is carried out under the scheme with a positive effect of treatment after 12 months is a break, and then changes the collection. Even if the disease has receded, it is good to take herbal prophylactic for 2 months 2 times a year. Well-proven and herbal remedies . So, neurocirculatory dystonia in cardiac type is amenable to treatment with the Persians.

Well established and physiotherapy. The procedure electrosleep (session 2040 minutes, a course of 15 sessions) reduces the symptoms of arrythmia, cardiac syndrome. In hypertensive and hypotensive syndrome, arrhythmic syndrome, symptoms of hypothalamic dysfunction useful in electrophoresis, and in severe fatigue, galvanic collar on Shcherbak.

A very useful water treatment showers, douches, wet and dry wraps, and therapeutic baths coniferous, pearl, nitrogen, radon, bromine, carbon dioxide, etc.

In recent years become increasingly popular aeroionotherapy. For a collective session, there are chandeliers Chizhevsky. These devices ionize the air so that air ions are formed mainly with a negative sign. During the session the patient inhales ionized air. This helps to lower your blood pressure to 520 mm Hg. article, slow heart rate, improve gas exchange, increase oxygen consumption. Aeroionotherapy helps combat symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, weakness.

Often patients NDC prescribed bracing, acupressure. Acupuncture normalizes the condition of Central and vegetative nervous system, promotes adaptation, increases the metabolism and activity of internal organs, relieves emotional stress. After a course of acupuncture improvement is observed in 6570 % of patients.

Application of adaptogens helps reduce the sensitivity to changes of weather, to dampen emotional sensitivity, increase stamina during exercise. When NDCs are shown sanatorium-resort treatment, including rest, dietary therapy, balneotherapy, physiotherapy. As a places to stay preference is given to regions with a mild climate, which is not peculiar to sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. The resorts of the Baltic countries, Leningrad and Kaliningrad region, Belarus, Crimea, Sochi.

Has a value and way of life. If the patient is diagnosed with neurocirculatory dystonia on hypertonic type, it is assigned to the hypertensive diet. It involves limiting the intake of fluid and salt. However, the diet should be enough vegetables and fruits, especially those which contain adequate amounts of magnesium and potassium. In pharmacies you can buy solitamente, potassium chloride. Also the patient is recommended to normalize weight.

If NDC develops in hypotonic type, such patients are advised to drink a Cup of strong tea or coffee in the morning or in the afternoon.


In order to avoid the development of NDC, you must follow a healthy lifestyle from early childhood. This involves keeping the regime of work, sleep and rest, exercise, no bad habits. The diet should be complete at least 4 times a day. Need daily walks in the fresh air.