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  1. Causes of metatarsalgia
  2. Symptoms of metatarsalgia
  3. Treatment of metatarsalgia


the symptom that is expressed in the form of pain in the ankle joint. Typical of professional athletes engaged in athletics and any other species that requires high physical activity. In medical practice metatarsalgia mentioned most often as a symptom, not the disease affecting the condition of the ankle part and bones.

Causes of metatarsalgia

A detailed examination of 99 patients having this symptom has led to the formulation of the 23 diagnoses of various types. The results of these diagnoses was identified 3 groups of patients with primary and secondary metatarsalgia, as well as independent pain in the forefoot.

Pain during metatarsalgia occur in the area between the toes and ankle. The origin of the medical term from the Latin names of the bones of the shank (metatarsus). The symptom may be associated with a large number of biomechanical characteristics of the foot in most cases, it turns out that the foot is initially predisposed to the occurrence of the symptom. Therefore, the study of the causes that led to the manifestation of symptoms must be thorough.

The reasons for this can be both overt and hidden a large load on the metatarsal bones due to a congenital form of the foot. The constant excess pressure caused by wearing shoes with high heels, frequent high physical activity, etc.

The most predisposed to metatarsalgia, according to researchers symptoms, people with deformed toes, stiff ankles, poor circulation in the legs due to diabetes, obesity, gout, arthritis.

Symptoms of metatarsalgia

Characteristics of a symptom

  • pain in the midfoot
  • discomfort when walking (feeling of walking on stones)
  • pain in toes shooting type
  • numbness and tingling in the fingers
  • tumors and swelling stop
  • barefoot, increasing the pain under the phalanges of fingers 2-4.

Treatment of metatarsalgia

Main methods of removing a painful symptom of taking anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs to reduce inflammation and pain buy comfortable shoes physiotherapy application of orthopedic insoles, gel pads, etc packs.

Also, the method of treatment depends on the cause that caused this symptom. Depending on this, you will need the traditional treatment or surgery.

To diagnose metatarsalgia and to ensure the removal of the symptom and the reasons that caused it, can a specialist podiatrist. To find the best specialist in this area and make an appointment for an appointment using the website