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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


(from a Golden boy from the language of the population of Ghana) is a children’s pathology, which is based on an insufficient amount of calories and protein in the body, an eating disorder, in other words, protein deficiency. Typically, the disease affects children up to five years in advanced countries. The disease appears during the period of weaning. This is one of the types of severe degeneration (disease that causes accumulation or loss of different substances by the body’s cells that in normal condition occurs).


Alimentary diseases appear later malnutrition of the child, if the body fails to receive sufficient protein, essential amino acids and other useful components necessary for the production of protective antioxidants. Protein deficiency in children causes improper nitrogen balance, i.e. the amount of injected nitrogen does not equal the number extracted. Also disrupted the normal development of a child’s body and growth in all proportions. Observed emaciation of the tissues and a decrease in the volume of organs, accumulation of fat in parenchymal cells of the liver.


Most often protein-energy malnutrition causes the following symptoms bloating, stunted growth, severe swelling of extremities, nausea, diarrhea, anorexicas and dystrophic signs of the body, excessive development of pigment and exfoliation of skin cells to RUB the areas with loss of skin pigment (possibly whole body). Black and brown hair can get a red and a red pigment. In the background of kwashiorkor can occur secondarily from infectious diseases. As a rule, there is a malfunction in the Central nervous system, which can complicate the existing situation development of the state, after which the person falls into a coma, and it may end with the death of the patient.


First, the doctor receives information about the child stopped last time breastfeeding, what was the diet of the baby then if he was full to obtain vitamins and minerals. Also carried out an external inspection to determine any changes in skin color and hair properly is the development and growth of the child it is not observed whether body swelling and other symptoms of protein deficiency. In addition, the applicable diagnostic methods in the laboratory. Determined the quantitative composition potassium, magnesium, hemoglobin and blood glucose. Diagnosis by process of elimination on the wrong factors provides with beriberi and acute inflammation of the skin (baby eczema).


In the diagnosis of kwashiorkor the child is immediately transferred to inpatient treatment. There he provide the correct diet, rich In vitamins b and A, with a gradual increase in the amount of protein and calories. If you are dealing with complications, it is necessary to treat with antibiotics, which helps to cope with infectious diseases that evolved on the background of protein-energeticheskoi failure.

If the time to react to the child’s illness, then the treatment will be very fast, but if you run the disease, can even be fatal. For the prevention of kwashiorkor enough from the first days and as long as possible to feed the child breast milk, as it contains everything necessary for normal development vitamins. If we have to switch to baby food, it is necessary to monitor the receipt of all the necessary components in a kid’s body. Also recommended in the diet of a large number of dairy products.