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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Treatment


unhealthy attraction to make a spontaneous theft. It is a mental disorder, which begins as a periodic desire to steal an object and over time develops into a full uncontrollable desire to steal. The items stolen do not represent a material significance for the kleptomaniac, and are not essential to him. Before the actual process of stealing the patient becomes tense, anticipating the pleasure of this action. After the theft of the kleptomaniac feels anxiety, feels guilty for what he did, can sink into depression.

Kleptomania refers to an unstructured spontaneous deviant behavior. This kind of mania tend to quickly and the unplanned and chaotic form. Kleptomania occurs mainly as a result of the influence of external circumstances, it is characterized by a temporary deterioration, which will eventually only increase.

The decisive factor of theft is an unfortunate turn of events in the complex with the corresponding emotional state. Provocation to the occurrence of inappropriate behavior are often the actions and behavior of other people, conflicts, stress.

The disease of kleptomania, and Pyromania (the attraction to arson), intermittent explosive disorder (sudden aggression), gambling, etc., refers to a category of disorders of impulse control. It is characterized by needapresent, repeatability, primary (not dependent on mental disorders).


When the disease

kleptomania causes

thrust to theft are rooted in the desire to get punished for this act (manifestation of masochism). Also subconsciously kleptomaniac may strive for dominance and leadership, handing out stolen by other people.

The factors contributing to the development of kleptomania

  • suicidal thoughts
  • isolation
  • guilt and coercion
  • the lack of empathy from others in childhood
  • affective disorders
  • the violation of personal identity.

Various violations of personal identification is one of the main precipitating factors in the development of addictive (leading to addiction) disorders, including kleptomania.

Signs of kleptomania occur in the presence of

  • enuresis
  • nervous ticks
  • the affect of respiratory attacks
  • dystonia
  • mental retardation
  • mental retardation
  • the hypothalamic-pituitary syndrome
  • childhood sexual abuse
  • of sociopathy.


Characteristic illness kleptomania symptoms such

  • the condition of strong stress
  • the appearance of Intrusive fantasies
  • sudden mood elevation after committing the theft, a state of euphoria
  • fear, shame, remorse after some time after committing the theft
  • the desire to recover stolen, to admit someone to the crime.

The theft of the kleptomaniac always done alone, the idea of stealing anything may appear in a patient at any time, so there’s no planning or risk assessment he makes, but rather gets even more pleasure from the spontaneity of action. Kleptomaniac doesn’t suffer from schizophrenia, they adequately assess the world around us, aware of the risk of being caught at the crime scene. Often after the theft of the kleptomaniac doesn’t keep the stolen stuff, throwing out or giving them to someone. These things, mostly, are not wealth, they bring kleptomania satisfaction only from the fact of theft, therefore, the fate of things they are not interested.


About 10-15% of kleptomania voluntarily come to the doctor, aware of his problem and the inability to control it. Diagnosis of disease is conducted by the psychotherapist in the course of a patient. To do this, he will know whether the patient has a painful tendency to steal, as long it is manifested and in what forms. He also gathers information about the patient’s family, the presence of mental illness in relatives.


Kleptomania in children and adults is virtually untreatable. Initially, you need to treat mental disorders and pathologies of the patient. In some cases, the treatment is carried out similarly with treatment for drug and drug addictions. Thus, an important role to play specially developed psychotherapeutic techniques.

If there is such a mania as kleptomania, treatment is directed not only to correct the desire to steal, but also on emotional disorders of the patient, which often are the cause of kleptomania. Treatment includes the administration of demolition, antidepressants. Positive effect on patients and the appointment of hobby therapy sessions to protect the patient from irritating and provoking factors. Goal hobby therapy by a change of activities to distract the patient from negative emotions and disorders.