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Is there a cure for chronic bronchitis

  1. Symptoms of chronic bronchitis
  2. How to cure chronic bronchitis

    Bronchitis is most prevalent among those who work in manufacturing, where some substances have a negative impact on the respiratory system. Risk of getting chronic bronchitis smokers. If we talk about who is more at risk of diagnosis of chronic bronchitis, it is worth noting that men suffer from a chronic form more often than women. Also at risk are the elderly.

    The essence of the bronchitis into a chronic form that different stimuli have a negative impact on the mucous membrane of the bronchi and result in changes that facilitate access to different types of infections in this part of the body.

    The process of formation of chronic bronchitis passes quickly, the mucous membrane of every day starts to produce a bit more mucus, which does not have time to receive. The result can be a morning cough, which gradually increases. Some time later the patient begins to cough, not only this morning but throughout the day and even at night.

    The cough in bronchitis is particularly strong in the case if the street is wet or cold. In a few years if the disease is to do nothing, the cough becomes a permanent phenomenon, from which escape usual methods will not work.

    For people who ever wonder how to get rid of bronchitis forever, it may seem that there is nothing fatal in this disease there. In fact, the bronchitis in the chronic form is a serious problem and if it is run, there is a risk that to get rid of this diagnosis has not come out.

    Symptoms of chronic bronchitis

    If a person is sick with chronic bronchitis, it will be regular production of sputum that has no odor and color. During periods of exacerbation, together with phlegm will come out pus, which will give it (the phlegm) turbid yellowish tint.

    If chronic bronchitis have been developed for a long time not treated, it will lead to narrowing of the bronchi. In this condition the bronchial tubes are not able to accommodate the necessary amount of air, which leads to the appearance of the patient shortness of breath and failure of the process of exhalation. Sometimes in chronic bronchitis may occur even asphyxiation.

    This condition is already slightly different name chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

    At the time, the diagnosis sounded like obstructive chronic bronchitis, changed it for the reason that if you suffer narrowing bronchi and lungs.

    The above-mentioned diagnosis means that the blood is not getting enough oxygen to the body’s cells. The result of this status, is respiratory failure.

    In the case of chronic bronchitis has passed the stage of purulent, after the analysis of blood can detect increased concentration of C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, seromucoid and sialic acids.

    How to cure chronic bronchitis

    The effectiveness of treatment of chronic bronchitis depends on accurate diagnosis.

    Therefore, without clinical examination is not worth guessing how rid chronic bronchitis.

    During a visit to the hospital you should go to the doctor-the pulmonologist or physician. As a rule, to establish an accurate diagnosis should be seen by a doctor within 2 years (approximately). All this time, he will fix the symptoms, and shape the picture of the disease.

    To study the state of the bronchi can be used in bronchoscopy, the purpose of which is to gain an accurate picture of the state of the bronchial walls.

    To neglect the bronchoscopy is not necessary, because chronic bronchitis may develop complications such as obstruction of the bronchus, or other Similar diagnoses are very serious and recognize the symptoms that lead to such complications as soon as possible.

    Many people suffering a problem with the bronchi, interested in the answer to a simple question is it possible to cure chronic bronchitis? The answer is simple. But it is important to prevent the transition of bronchitis into obstructive condition.

    After the bronchi are narrowed and appears in respiratory distress to give them back (bronchi) in the normal state is very difficult and in some cases impossible. Therefore, early treatment at the first symptoms is the best start with the most optimistic forecasts.

    Treatment of chronic bronchitis is a long process that can take many months. Treat bronchitis in remission, during a flare-up.

    The main goal of treatment of chronic bronchitis is to neutralize the infection that caused the bronchitis, and to restore the normal patency of the bronchi themselves.

    It is very important to study the way of life of the patient. Perhaps the condition of his bronchial tubes is strongly influenced by working conditions in hazardous industries. In this case, without interrupting contact with corrosive chemicals and other substances that can adversely affect the bronchi, the treatment process will be ineffective.

    As for the treatment in the first place is assigned a set of measures and medications that will not allow the bronchitis to go into the chronic stage, and even more obstructive.

    Initially you may need bed rest with the use of antibacterial drugs and vitamins to strengthen the body.

    During periods of acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis can be treated with antibiotics to fight the infection, various expectorants, mucolytic means and plenty of fluids, which improves the metabolism in the body.

    Proved effective and breathing exercises in combination with physical therapy (electro procedures, inhalation).

    To stop the process of narrowing bronchi and reduce the amount of mucus in them, on an ongoing basis using inhalation drugs that have anticholinergic action. This method of treatment effectively prevents the development of respiratory failure and reduces the frequency of exacerbations of chronic bronchitis.

    Prevention is important in combating chronic bronchitis. For starters, as already mentioned above, to protect yourself from factors that can re-trigger bronchitis and an infection. For example, those who smoke, after diagnosis of chronic bronchitis will have to forget about cigarettes. People working in the chemicals industry, you need to think about changing jobs or moving on to another job, where there is no contact with harmful substances.

    In short, you need to remove all factors having a damaging effect on the bronchi and constantly to take vitamin complexes, which strengthen the immune system and allows the body to effectively deal with the infection.