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  1. The causes of the disease
  2. The symptoms of hypersplenism
  3. Treatment of hypersplenism


syndrome, which is characterized by a decrease in the number of blood corpuscles in patients with liver disease, which manifest themselves in the form of hepatosplenomegaly.

The causes of the disease

Syndrome common among patients with chronic

diseases of accumulation,


and in other diseases. Despite the fact that a large number of researchers is studying the mechanisms of development of a syndrome, to date, the pathogenesis is not yet completely. It is considered that a decisive role in the development of hypersplenism is increased pressure in the portal vein and the simultaneous stagnation of blood in the spleen. It provokes in the spleen connective tissue and increases in the number of cells of the mononuclear phagocyte system.

The symptoms of hypersplenism

The syndrome is expressed in such symptoms

  • a feeling of heaviness and pain in the left abdomen
  • the fast uptake at low food intake, feeling of full stomach (due to pressure on the stomach enlarged spleen)
  • frequent exposure to infectious diseases (due to oppression of immune functions of the spleen)
  • symptoms of anemia (fatigue, weakness, pale skin color)
  • sharp very intense pain in left side and bleeding.

The study of history with such symptoms should confirm previously diagnosed cirrhosis or factors leading to it (hepatitis, alcoholism, toxic poisoning, etc.).

When examining a patient with suspected hypersplenism, developing due to cirrhosis of the liver, the doctor will discover enlarged spleen, which is determined by palpation and percussion the noise of friction with infarction of the spleen it rubs against the peritoneum increased the liver and pain of the patient on palpation of the decrease in muscle strength, abdominal enlargement, jaundice, General weakness and other symptoms.

Treatment of hypersplenism

Specific methods of treatment of the syndrome does not exist hypersplenism is treated in combination with cirrhosis of the liver and correction of portal hypertension. To increase the number of leukocytes professionals can use stimulants leykopoeza. In some instances you may need removal of the spleen (but the decision provoked not syndrome, and other causes).

For the diagnosis and treatment of hypersplenism in combination with other liver diseases need to use the services of an experienced gastroenterologist. To find the best specialist and make an appointment for an appointment, taking advantage of the features of the site Doc.ua.