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  1. Symptoms of hydroureter and NMD
  2. Treatment of hydroureter


the expansion of the ureter arising from congenital underdeveloped state of the neuromuscular apparatus. Is the first stage of neuromuscular dysplasia of the ureter. Neuromuscular dysplasia of the ureter congenital disorder of the structure of the ureter, in most cases, is bilateral anomaly.

Stage of neuromuscular dysplasia (NMD)

  • hidden or compensated asymptomatic
  • the appearance of the first clinical symptoms, detection of urine impurities pus
  • development of hydroureter.

In this case dysplasia does not always have a distinct clinical picture, so often found upon accession of pyelonephritis or acute renal failure.

Transformations that occur when hydroureter (namely, a very strong increase of the ureters), make almost inevitable the development of renal failure, which merges into a chronic form.

Symptoms of hydroureter and NMD

The disease is constantly progressing, bringing up the tone of the muscular walls of the ureter to a minimum. Because of this difficult outflow of urine from the kidneys.

The process of enlargement of the ureter is unilateral and bilateral (more q). On the background of the development of the disease the patient feels weak, his condition is gradually deteriorating. A blood test when hydroureter will indicate a high content of urea and creatinine. The ureters are expanded almost without limit and can reach 4cm, and the length of them is almost abnormal.

The typical symptoms appear only when joining hydroureter other pathological processes. Only then will the patient will feel

  • pain in the lumbar region
  • the pyuria
  • subfebrile temperature
  • General fatigue and weakness
  • periodic nausea.

For accurate diagnosis of neuromuscular dysplasia of the ureter and in particular, the definition of hydroureter, you will undergo a number of clinical trials on prescription.

Treatment of hydroureter

The main treatment is surgery. The operation is quite complicated, but worked out well, so the chance of complications is minimal.

The exact method of treatment determined by the physician on the basis of data from laboratory and clinical studies. Conservative treatment can bring effect in the initial stages, when not disturbed the functionality of the kidneys. Therapy is mainly anti-inflammatory.

To diagnose hydroureter in the range of other pathologies and diseases and provide effective treatment or preparing the patient for surgery can experienced urologist. Find the best doctor in your city and make an appointment for an appointment using the website