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How to treat gout

  1. Methods of treatment
  2. Prevention

    Gout is a chronic disease associated with violation of metabolism in the body, specifically the excretion of uric acid salts (urates). This leads to uric acid deposition in joints and organs, which subsequently passes into growths (tophi) and inflammation due to the fact that the human body, these deposits are perceived as foreign bodies. Uric acid salts are formed as a result of crystallization of uric acid – breakdown product of purines compounds obtained by the body from meat products.

    Gout is a relatively rare disease, per 1,000 inhabitants of the earth accounts for only 4 patients with gout. Moreover, of the 20 patients, only 1 woman. The risk of developing gout are elderly people, with genetic inclinations to disruption of metabolism or leading a sedentary lifestyle.

    Methods of treatment

    To date, the question of whether gout is treatable, the doctors say no. Therefore, before medicine should not cure gout, but most slow down its development. Modern methods of treatment of gout can be reduced to to prevent disease and normalize the level of mochekisloy in the body. To get rid of gout completely is unlikely but possible to delay the onset of gouty attack for many years.

    With all the variety of methods, the Foundation on which is based the treatment of gout, is strict adherence to a special diet and an active lifestyle. The patient must give up many taste preferences. Among such products and habits will be

    • the use of alcoholic beverages
    • Smoking
    • a sedentary lifestyle
    • drinks, stimulating the nervous system (coffee, strong tea, etc.).
    • food with a high content of spices
    • meat food, offal, smoked meats, bacon
    • confectionery products with fatty creams
    • vegetables, fruits and berries with a high content of purines.

    Moreover, the meal should be regular, at least 4-5 times a day. And throughout the month desirable 2-3 days, during which the patient is able to eat a single product.

    As for, directly the disease, we can distinguish the following methods of treatment of gout with medication, the method of homeosiniatry, physiotherapeutic methods, traditional methods.


    The traditional method of treatment of traditional medicine. In the case of the development of the disease, the patient is prescribed a number of drugs, called protivopodagricakih.

    Within the group, protivopodagricakih tools can be divided into two subgroups

    • the drugs used at the onset of a gouty attack
    • drugs for the treatment of chronic manifestations of gout.

    The first subgroup includes funds which aim to suppress pain, reduce inflammation and lower the temperature in the inflamed joint. Thereby reducing the duration of a gouty attack.

    The second subgroup includes drugs affecting the metabolism and the excretion of uric acid from the body. According to the principle of their work can also be divided into two areas

    1. drugs that block the formation of mochekisloy (preventing the disintegration of purines) – urikozuricescie
    2. drugs that increase the excretion of uric acid from the body effect
    3. drugs of mixed action, which block the formation of uric acids and increase their excretion from the body.

    The method of homeosiniatry

    Quite an old method widely used in Western countries. This is a painless method of treatment of homeopathic remedies. The peculiarity of it is that, in addition to homeopathy, acupuncture still uses and technology of China.

    The procedure is homeopathic medicines by injection into the patient strictly in the acupuncture points. The combination of two techniques improves the functioning of the organism as a whole and the condition of the damaged gout organs.


    Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of gout involve cleansing the body of uric acid with the help of external influence on the patient’s body. Such factors may include electric current, ultrasound, heat, air, magnetic radiation, etc. Physiotherapy offers to treat chronic gout and to reduce the intensity of attacks in the following ways

    • the method of plasmoforesis
    • ultrasonic irradiation
    • treatment of thermal effects
    • honores with hydrocortisone
    • electrophoresis
    • appliques Dimexidum.

    The method of plasmoforesis

    A new word in the treatment of gout. Is the process of cleansing the blood of excess uric acid by acting on the body from the outside using special equipment. During the procedure, blood is cleared from the formations of uric acid and other waste products.

    Ultrasonic irradiation

    Involves the irradiation of infected gout of the joints by ultrasonic waves. This can significantly reduce inflammation, reduce pain in the joint, assists in the absorption and fragmentation of uric acid salts in the body.

    Treatment of thermal effects

    In the treatment of gout thermal effects on the inflamed joint is in the application of various hot mixes. Such mixtures can be curative mud, paraffin, mountain wax. Often, together with thermal effects, combine the electromagnetic radiation damaged tissues. This method helps to improve joint health, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

    Honores with hydrocortisone

    A method for the treatment of gout, in which, during irradiation of the affected joints with ultrasound to increase throughput capacity of the skin and tissues of the body. This provides the most effective absorption of medications. In this case, mainly used various ointments and gels that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The method gives better results than simple ultrasonic irradiation due to additional action of drugs.

    Electrophoresis in the treatment of gout

    A method for the treatment of gout electrophoresis is a set impact on the patient’s body of drugs and electrical current. In itself, the effect of the electric current already has anti-inflammatory and expand blood vessels effect. In combination with the same drugs, the effect is amplified.

    Appliques Dimexidum

    As a substance that can penetrate the tissues without causing them any harm, dimexide is a great way to combat gout. Appliques Dimexidum have excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the affected area.

    Traditional treatment of gout

    Popular methods of gout is treated according to the same principles as drug. The difference is that folk remedies can be prepared at home every. The main directions in the treatment of gout folk remedies are

    • treatment with compresses and ointments
    • baths for joints
    • drugs for internal use (teas and infusions).

    Treatment with compresses and ointments

    The main goal of treatment of gout compresses and ointments that reduce inflammation of the joints affected by gout and analgesic effect. Their composition can include iodine, activated charcoal, chamomile flowers, and so on. The recipes are simple, and the ointment effective not less than pharmacy.

    Baths for joints

    It happens that the inflammation and pain in joints affected by gout is so strong that the pressure from compress or ointment, the patient can not endure. In these cases come to the aid of baths for joints on the basis of iodine, herbs. The liquid soothes inflamed areas and allows you to relieve inflammation and pain.

    Herbal teas and tinctures

    The purpose of all kinds of tinctures and decoctions is to attack disease inside the body. They play a significant role in the excretion of uric acid salts, and pain relief during an attack. Depending on the situation, you can prepare both prophylactic and analgesic infusion. Infusions can be water or alcohol, on the basis of medicinal herbs.


    Of course, the fastest way to treat gout is to prevent its occurrence. As with most other diseases, prevention and treatment of gout are closely linked. Their main aim is to reduce the level of uric acid in the body and regulation of its excretion.

    For prevention of disease development, it is necessary, as mentioned above, lead an active lifestyle and to give up a few bad habits

    1. alcohol
    2. Smoking
    3. the use of strong tea, coffee, energy drinks
    4. addiction to dishes with a high content of spices
    5. eating large amounts of meat food
    6. the use of meats, offal, fat
    7. confectionery fat-based creams
    8. fashionable but uncomfortable shoes
    9. a sedentary way of life.

    It is sufficient to minimize the amount of foods rich in purines, the diet, to refuse Smoking and alcohol, often Hiking or Biking. To cure gout forever is impossible, but it is possible to freeze its development and delay the onset of an attack.