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Honey with cholecystitis

  1. Can I eat honey with cholecystitis
  2. Features of the use of honey in cholecystitis
  3. Useful components of honey
  4. Can the honey in pancreatitis and cholecystitis

    Honey is a natural monosaccharide, which is glucose and fructose. A simple carbohydrate, due to which the pancreas loses less enzymes for its cleavage (if you compare honey with sugar). Of course, we are talking about properly cooked honey without impurities. In artificial honey healing properties not found.

    Can I eat honey with cholecystitis

    Honey with cholecystitis use is permitted and encouraged due to a number of advantages. In particular, the product has a choleretic effect, is able to neutralize the pain and prevent from stagnation of bile (important for chronic cholecystitis).

    Make the product is as follows 1 tablespoon dissolved in a glass of warm water and drink on an empty stomach in the morning. After receiving the go on your right side. Course of treatment 5 to 7 days. When calculous cholecystitis it is recommended to take corn on the cob with honey is one of the means for dissolving stones. Of course, any such treatment should be agreed with your doctor.

    Features of the use of honey in cholecystitis

    Honey therapy is not an alternative to drugs and diet. Honey recommended for use in General complex of treatment only in such situations its useful properties would be appropriate.

    After attending physician to determine the recommended daily dose of honey, do not immediately consume the entire amount. It is better to begin consumption with a 0.5 teaspoon, and see how the body will react. If there are no side effects as skin rash, dysbiosis, you can use honey in the recommended dosage. There are several methods of consumption

    • morning and evening drink 100 ml of diluted product
    • 3 times a day to eat 1 tbsp. spoon
    • each of these methods are designed for the use of honey in 1-2 months, with further interruptions
    • with frequent constipation, you can eat 1 tablespoon of honey 1 tablespoon of aloe juice for 30 minutes Before eating
    • honey, you can sweeten tea, juice, juice, yogurt
    • allowable casserole with honey and other dishes.

    Useful components of honey

    The main beneficial properties of honey with cholecystitis and pancreatitis include antiseptic product has antifungal and antibacterial effects, strengthens the immune system. Honey stimulates the healing process of the connective tissue of the pancreas. The product stimulates appetite, optimises digestion and metabolism (especially fat metabolism). Honey improves the process of education in the bone marrow red blood cells, updates the composition of blood, eliminates free radicals, resulting in inflammatory processes.

    Can the honey in pancreatitis and cholecystitis

    Categorically it is forbidden to eat honey in acute pancreatitis as well as other carbohydrate foods. Banned product and in exacerbations of chronic cholecystitis and its use may worsen the patient’s condition, as the product activates the function of the pancreas. It will manifest itself in the form of fever, vomiting, violation chairs.

    The honey is allowed to take only 1-1,5 months after the period of exacerbation. In this case you must strictly adhere to dietary recommendations, otherwise there will be the risk of developing diabetes.

    With pancreatitis the basis of the diet is the rejection of carbohydrates. Therefore, honey is only recommended to eat sweet product. In addition, it has a beneficial effect it is important not to break the regimen, to monitor the overall state, control the blood sugar.