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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


– painful, purulent inflammation of the sweat glands. The most frequently observed in the groin or in the armpits. Often it leaves scars.

According to statistics, most often this inflammation occurs in the spring and summer, especially in people suffering from obesity, in connection with increased sweating, and people with a weakened immune system.

Pathogens – Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus, which penetrate to the sweat glands through cuts (shaving, waxing, scratches) and causing inflammation, itching, discomfort, and sometimes fever.

So treatment of hidradenitis should begin immediately, as the consequence can be lymphadenitis and sepsis.



Often the appearance of such diseases as hidradenitis different causes of obesity, diabetes, genetic predisposition, malfunctions in the endocrine system, a vitamin deficiency, the presence of diaper rash, and of course, violation of conditions of hygiene.


With the defeat of the sweat glands by Staphylococcus size of the affected area of the body become reddish (sometimes brown), appears purulent node (up to 2 cm), which may either break, or dissolve.

When complications of fistulas appear. Has fever, intoxication, often headaches.

After the breakout of abscess pain and fever may subside, but often the healing process is delayed if the adjacent inflamed gland. The areas of lesions can be around the nipples, the anus, occasionally inflamed scalp. Very painful hidradenitis occurs under the arm. Almost always leaves scars.

hidradenitis suppurativa


In patients with a weakened immune system when late treatment to the doctor may occur serznye complications abscess, lymphadenitis, increase scarring. In advanced cases of purulent infection enters the bloodstream, affecting all organs and cause sepsis.


For each patient diagnosis is strictly individual. Mandatory originally becomes blood. The increase in the content of leukocytes and ESR acceleration indicate inflammatory process in the human body. It is blood sugar, in order to exclude the presence of diabetes.


In this disease the patient, first and foremost, should be restricted in diet to remove salt, alcohol and spices. Food should contain more fortified products with a content of iron and phosphorus. It is recommended during illness to take vitamins and prescription – and antibiotics.

under the skin

So that the infection does not spread further, the affected areas 3-4 times a day wipe with alcohol camphor or salicylic. In no one case do not apply compresses it may trigger an increase in tumor disease.

Use only dry heat can be applied heated towel practiced warming blue lamp. Surrounds the ulcer the hair must be carefully removed with nail scissors. Avoid getting water on the skin surface.

If all of the above funds has not led to the expected result, after a hidradenitis is at peak ripening, you need to start surgical treatment. Fistula or abscess is opened and pus is extracted.

After surgery, physiotherapy for faster recovery. In protracted form recommended ultrasound therapy.

apocrine glands