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Hernia of the anterior abdominal wall

Hernia of the anterior abdominal wall

– this is an extension from the abdominal cavity of the inner part together with its covering sheet of parietal peritoneum outward, or to the side of the internal organs. In the first case, the hernia is external and the other internal. The so-called extension can be congenital apertures or acquired in later life, for example, formed after the surgery.

Types of hernias

There are four types of hernias, this is considered natural and acquired, then the resulting injury or surgery. In view of the nature of the disease, divided hernia on incapable and capable of recovery, as well as aggravated and neosporine. Any organ located in the abdominal cavity can become a repository for the hernia SAC.

Inguinal region is the most vulnerable area of a hernia. Talking about this statistics, according to which 90 percent case of revealing of this disease presents problems in the groin area. Disease hernia more often male than female, in this respect, the ratio is 25 to 1.

Hernia line of the abdomen and groin can be formed by factors such as strenuous physical work constant heavy lifting, constipation, pregnancy.

This list means a marked increase in intra-abdominal pressure, which leads to a breakthrough in the weakest region of the abdomen.


Symptoms indicating the development of the disease abdominal hernia, are pain, malaise, tumor extension into the stomach, mainly in the supine position. It is exacerbated by physical exertion, coughing or sneezing, and pain is not sharp, and aching. Disorders of the functioning of the body (constipation, difficulty urinating) are also in the list of symptoms.

If there are similar symptoms better to make an appointment to be examined by the doctor. Only thanks to specialists you will be able to confirm or deny the presence or absence of such a threat, as hernia of the abdominal wall.


Now consider the possible complications if you ignore the problem the hernia white line of the abdomen. The first is denial, which is related to the factor of sudden pressure on the abdominal contents of the bag during physical exertion or as a result of intensive straining effort when coughing or sneezing. Likely consequences experienced by the body become visible deterioration of blood circulation, the neurosis of the colon, does not exclude the occurrence of peritonitis. There is also an intestinal blockage, which is expressed by pain, vomiting, with the characteristic admixture of bile, and then becoming calopogonium.


The main thing is not to self-medicate, so as to further aggravate the situation. It is important to establish the fact that you have this disease, because the disease is much easier to survive out of the body at the initial stage. Get rid of ailments white abdominal hernia get only through surgery, no diet and exercise you will not help in this. That is why after diagnosing a hernia, urgently visit the doctor’s office.

In medicine there is surgery hernia white line of the abdomen, the essence of it is a literal doubling of the tissues of the human body vulnerable to disease. However, this method has exhausted itself, since due to the tension of the diseased tissues, the body even more injured and soon the disease started with a new force. Throughout the 21st century is used to treat a hernia prosthetics durable network.

Your network consists of a special material which not only is accepted by the body, but because of its structure just after some time to take root with native tissue of the patient. The outcome of the surgery is that the hernia is tightened firmly without the use of their own body tissues, which helps the patient to recover and lead to further complications.

Outpatient surgery for treatment of hernia

Every day is becoming more popular outpatient procedure for the closure of hernias, which make in one day. Advantages of this method are optional on bed rest, so the patient can walk, check on the same day, no need to take a bunch of drugs, minimal pain and no stitches, allowing you to indulge in the adoption of water procedures.

If the operation hernia of the abdomen is performed on an outpatient basis, there are the following recommendations

  • proper nutrition, plenty of fluids
  • best to spend your holiday at home
  • strictly adhere to all the advice of the attending physician
  • if you wish to take a bath
  • during the first 90 days of regular visits to the doctor
  • carefully monitor their own condition, to pay attention to temperature and pain for 2 months not to lift weights.

Denial of recommendations postoperative recovery can lead to relapse of the disease in an even more acute form, it is therefore essential to strictly follow these instructions.