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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


there are two types of true and false. In the first case, the presence of female and male gonads, or are they merged in one body. False hermaphroditism is the difference between present sex glands and external sexual characteristics. In such cases, the gonads of only one kind of person, and external sexual organs of the other. Often the disease is sometimes congenital and rarely appears in children before puberty.


A disturbance in the formation of ovaries and testes is one of the reasons through which the illness occurs. This is due to damage in the genetic apparatus of the embryo during irradiation, exposure to chemical toxins during pregnancy and biological factors (diseases of the body, caused by Toxoplasma Gondi). The second reason can often be a hormonal imbalance in the body of a pregnant mother that is transmitted to the fetus. This reason is expressed by the imbalance of hormones in the fruits, both male and female. In female fetuses is caused by excess male sex hormones, resulting in the formation of the external organs male type. As for fruit a male, here the main feature of the disorders is a lack of testosterone (male sex hormone). These disorders occur during the

  • diseases of the brain (pituitary and hypothalamus)
  • adrenal diseases
  • tumors of the gonads.


The main signs that reflect androgyny, have their variety. The main symptoms are

  • development of mammary glands
  • violation of the structure of the penis
  • the presence of a difference in the body structure of the female type (wide hips and narrow shoulders)
  • the impossibility of carrying out sex acts
  • puberty, which is characterized by prematurity
  • inappropriate tone of voice (high)
  • the development of the larynx occurs in a mismatch with the passport type.

Infertility, which affects all bisexual people, it seems like one of the later symptoms.


First and foremost, you need to analyze the history of human diseases. Sexual hermaphroditism can be cured in the early stages of the disease. For this you need to follow the timing and the period of pregnancy, to detect the presence of toxic components in the body of a pregnant woman. Conducting regular medical check-up, you can quickly and efficiently uncover the causes of hermaphroditism. Conventionally, the diagnosis can be divided into several mandatory items

  • regular General inspection of the human body, during which attention should be paid to the type of body hair, muscles and physique
  • to study the composition and number of chromosomes, in medicine a process known as karyotyping
  • the implementation of ultrasound that will reveal the presence of ovaries and the presence of various abnormalities with the genitals.

It is mandatory magnetic resonance imaging, carrying out a precise conclusion about the diagnosis of the structure of the genital organs. In cases of illness, true hermaphroditism is quite rare. Quality diagnostics is the main way to detect an intersex person at different stages of life. Women’s false hermaphroditism in the early stages is prevented by annual visits to the gynecologist.


There are several ways to treat this disease. Shall be made hormone therapy, that implied a different medication of the genital organs and thyroid hormones. Men’s false hermaphroditism is treated by plastic surgeries on the genitals. The list includes such operations are increasing and straightening of the penis, descent of testes into the scrotum, the formation of the scrotum from its own tissues. To cure female hermaphroditism often advised to take glucocorticoid (adrenal hormones). Also in the list are drugs that will affect the regulatory function of the division of the brain, responsible for functions of the sex glands (the pituitary gland). Psychotherapy is one of the key methods of treatment, because of male hermaphroditism helps to treat the formation of correct concepts about the field.