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Gout on the legs

  1. Symptoms of gout on legs
  2. Treatment
  3. Prevention of gout on legs

    Gout is a chronic joint disease that develops as a result of metabolic uric acid in the body. Accumulate in the body, kristallizuetsya uric acid, forming urate salts, which are deposited in joints, tendons, organs.

    If the process of excretion of uric acid is not recovered, the salt deposits grow, forming on the joints growths. Growths (tophi) can grow continuously and are perceived by the body as a foreign body that you want to reject. This increases the activity of leukocytes in areas of salt deposits that causes inflammation of the affected places. Usually gout starts to develop in the joints of the feet, striking, first and foremost phalanx of the thumb.

    Causes of gout on the legs are different. This primarily depends on the genetic predisposition to metabolic disorders. Also plays a significant part sedentary lifestyle, a diet rich in purines, injuries of the joints.

    Symptoms of gout on legs

    The main symptoms of gout on the legs are

    • strong aching pain and crunch in joints
    • inflammation of the joint, the temperature increase at the site of inflammation
    • loss of joint mobility.

    Also, a signal of disease development can serve as diseases associated with the kidneys (kidney stones, renal failure, etc.). The disease, depending on the flow is divided into chronic and acute gout.

    Signs of chronic gout on foot are manifested as inflammation of the affected joint and aching pain. The acute gout in the feet is manifested gouty attack. Gouty attack is characterized by sudden acute pain in the affected location and is accompanied by severe inflammation of the joint. The attack comes most often at night and can last from several hours to several days, fading in the daytime.


    Completely cure gout on feet can not. The disease is chronic and the only thing you need to do is to slow down its development. Therefore, the mainstay of treatment for gout on feet is

    1. normalization and exchange mochekisloy in the body
    2. the decrease in the intensity and delay of a gouty attack.

    Metabolism and uric acid levels in the body are normalized by a combination of medication and strict diet. The decrease in the intensity of attack is also achieved, medication, physiotherapy or traditional methods.


    To bring to normal levels of uric acid in the body, first of all, the patient needs to normalize body weight. And it is to normalize, not minimize. The depletion in the case of gout on the legs as breathing, and excessive weight.

    Meals should be regular, at least once a day. Preferably a couple times a month to arrange fasting days. Fasting days also does not mean starvation. This refers to the power of mono-product.

    From the diet should exclude all animal proteins and all foods that contain purines, dishes with lots of spices. Contraindicated alcohol and stimulating the nervous system drink. You need to stop Smoking.

    What can I eat with gout on legs

    Menu patient gout should consist mainly of liquid and semi-liquid food in combination with a salad of allowed to eat vegetables, fruits and berries with a low content of oxalic acid. Herbs can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Along with the dishes, you can eat black or white bread.

    The diet should consist only of foods that can be consumed

    • vegetable soups (with cereals)
    • cereals
    • pasta
    • lean meat fish, rabbit
    • low-fat dairy products
    • green apples, oranges, tangerines, dried fruit, except raisins
    • nuts
    • honey
    • vegetables do not contain oxalic acid
    • berries, except raspberries.

    There is also a list of foods that can not be excluded from the diet, but restrict their use should

    • milk and butter with a minimum fat content
    • Bay leaf and vinegar as condiments
    • boiled fowl and fish (trout, salmon, salmon)
    • tomatoes, cauliflower
    • boiled eggs (one per day)
    • biscuit, jam, marshmallow, marmalade.

    How to remove attack

    Gouty attack often comes on suddenly. Often the reason for this is later feast with alcohol or heavy meat dishes. Or, that and the other.

    The pain during the attack is so strong that the patient can not withstand even the slightest pressure on the inflamed joint. To relieve pain at the onset of gout on the legs, the actions must be such

    • to ensure that the patient on bed rest
    • the affected limb should lie on the hill
    • on a diseased joint, you need to make lotion with the ointment of gout on the legs or medicinal decoction
    • to take painkillers (non-steroidal)
    • strict starvation diet liquid porridge, soup vegetables
    • as much as possible to drink mineral water, lemon juice alkaline drinks.

    In cases of an acute attack of gout in the feet, it is recommended to make a shot for the pain (colchicine).

    Than to treat

    In addition to the required painkillers are highlighted in so-called protivopodagricescie drugs for the treatment of gout. These include drugs whose primary purpose is the normalization of metabolism and excretion of uric acid from the body, as well as dissolving deposits of uric acid salts in the joints. These drugs on the principle of exposure is divided into

    • uricosuric drugs that enhance the excretion of uric acid from the body
    • urikozuricescie – blocking in the process of breakdown of purines, synthesis of mochekisloy
    • mixed inhibit the synthesis and increase the excretion of uric acid from the body.

    Also very effective combination protivopodagricakih, painkillers and anti-inflammatories combined with physiotherapy.

    Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment

    Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of gout involve cleansing the body of uric acid with the help of external influence on the patient’s body. These methods include

    • the method of plasmoforesis
    • ultrasonic irradiation
    • treatment of thermal effects
    • honores with hydrocortisone
    • electrophoresis
    • appliques Dimexidum.

    In combination with diet and medication, treatment of gout on the foot physical therapy brings excellent results.

    Prevention of gout on legs

    The disease is always easier to prevent than to fight it. Very often gout on the foot begins to develop from the areas that have been damaged or are exposed to daily pressure. Should pay special attention to such places, making massage and gymnastics for the joints.

    To prevent the development of disease, you need

    • lead an active lifestyle
    • to abandon the use of alcohol
    • quit Smoking
    • stop drinking tea, coffee
    • stop to sprinkle the spices every dish
    • to minimize the use of animal food
    • forget about the smoked meats, the dishes of offal, fat
    • discard fat cakes and pastries
    • to remove uncomfortable shoes.

    Then the feet will remain healthy, the pain will go away and the disease will stop.