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  1. The origin of satyriasis
  2. The symptoms of satyriasis
  3. The treatment of satyriasis


men neurotic condition, which is analogous to nymphomania in women. Excessive uncontrolled sexual desire, motivating and intimate connections with the largest possible number of partners without maintaining long-term relationships with them. Another manifestation of the excessive need of daily Masturbation, which eventually becomes an addiction. Excessive deprecated term. In modern science, using the concept of hypersexuality.

The origin of satyriasis

There are several variants of the origin and development of satyriasis

  • physiological excessive due to hormonal imbalance, injury or vascular lesions of the brain and causes frequent attacks of sexual excitement
  • excessive as one of the elements of mental obsessive compulsive disorder
  • congenital excessive rare and poorly known type, characterized by frequent sexual desire, since childhood
  • teenage satyriasis caused by psychological and hormonal imbalance (sometimes this is added too early sexual initiation). Psychological causes of inferiority complexes, lack of parental affection
  • alleged excessive the problem imposed by the society (e.g., influence of friends who share frequent sexual exploits).

It should be noted that this division is rather conditional, since the true cause of satyriasis is not installed. In addition, experts have not reached consensus on whether to include excessive to diseases it is included in the International classification of diseases. But rejected by the American psychiatric Association. Experts from the U.S. believe that trying to call excessive disease is kamlanie individuals that simply do not conform to the norms of society.

The symptoms of satyriasis

The main symptom is a constant high sexual drive. Lack of satisfaction even after multiple sex acts committed in a row. Increasing sexual desire by contact with any woman. Increased nervous excitability during periods of abstinence.

The treatment of satyriasis

A unified approach to the treatment of the disease is not developed. Before beginning treatment it is recommended to determine the cause satyrism. In some cases (when the physiological causes of hypersexuality) doctor will recommend a course of medications hormonal medications and antidepressants. But in most cases the necessary psychological help and with her proper planning of the day, ensuring regular exercise, finding a hobby, etc. the Prognosis is favorable, provided long-term treatment under medical supervision.

To diagnose excessive and to ensure his treatment will be able sexologist or therapist. To find experts in your city, using features of the site