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Epilepsy symptoms and treatment

    In ancient times, this disease is explained by divine intervention. It was called Herculean, the divine disease. He was afraid of medieval magicians, causing the spirits, considering that the error in preparation for the rite can result in a seizure. In people, the disease is called epilepsy.


    There are several forms of the divine disease, which can be roughly divided into two types, idiopathic and symptomatic.

    Causes idiopathic form, which is divided into absence and romanticheskuyu, unknown.

    This can be attributed to the syndrome of Vesta, Lennox-gust, myoclonic form. The last three very rare disease with serious implications, including for the psyche. They develop in childhood and have their symptoms.

    Symptomatic epilepsy is caused due to injuries or development of a brain tumor.


    For a start, it should be noted that the causes of such disorders are not fully understood. Doctors only managed to establish the mechanism of neurological failure. Blame the pathological electrical impulses arising in the brain. They are called pathological foci.

    Possible causes of the disease scientists related infections, including chronic tonsillitis, typhus, diphtheria, mumps, infections of the brain meningitis, encephalitis, parasitic lesions of neurocysticercosis. This can lead to birth injuries, stroke, tumors in the brain. Children’s epilepsy sometimes develops due to heredity.


    Seizures occur suddenly to their danger. Sometimes they are provoked by external factors a loud noises, flashing light, fever.

    To suspect the development of epilepsy can be on a number of grounds. This may indicate periodic headaches, sometimes with nausea and vomiting, sleepwalking, which is a morning person can’t remember the nightmares in which there is increased heart and scream in a moment of awakening.

    There are three types of seizures motor, sensory, non-convulsive.

    When the observed motor seizure partial and generalized seizures.

    Partial seizures are characterized by involuntary intermittent twitching of the hands, feet, other body parts. In the second type of seizure seizures occur throughout the body. The patient may lose consciousness, bite my tongue, notes involuntary urination and kaloizverzhenie, that is frequently observed when the diagnosis of alcoholic epilepsy. After these attacks there are complaints of fatigue and headache.

    During sensitive seizure felt tingling or burning sensation on the skin, often wandering nature. A seizure ends as suddenly as it had begun.

    Non-convulsive seizures are also called absence seizure. Children with epilepsy in this case is manifested as the cessation of running them in this time of action for 1030 seconds, which is accompanied by a hardening of opinion. The seizure is almost completely no headache, no weakness, but the child does not remember what happened to him


    Before diagnosis, the epilepsy, the symptoms should carefully examine the doctor. He conducts a thorough examination of the patient, asks the family to describe the occurrence of an exacerbation. In addition, a number of studies, magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography. MRI helps to identify the exact causes of epilepsy and EEG record epileptic activity in certain parts of the brain. Often to confirm the diagnosis is necessary to consult a neurologist.


    Treatment of epilepsy depends on the reasons for its occurrence and is conservative and surgical. In the first case, the patient is prescribed nootropics, which are aimed at improving the nutrition of the brain, neurotropic, depressing, or Vice versa, enabling the transfer of nervous excitement, as well as anticonvulsant medications.

    If, in the course of 2.54 years, the attacks do not bother, then the medication may be canceled. The patient shows a gentle treatment involving the appropriate sleep and rest, moderate exercise, and proper nutrition.

    If you develop symptomatic epilepsy, the treatment involves using other methods. First of all, eliminate the cause that led to its development. Often, to relieve the patient from painful seizures, it is necessary to remove the tumor or collection of blood that formed after injuries.

    If the disease is not to ignore, it is fraught with serious problems. In children, possible violations of mental development, and also psyche, which is manifested in emotional instability, depressive States.


    Methods of preventive measures in the diagnosis of epilepsy, the causes of which, as mentioned earlier, are not fully understood, has not been developed fully.

    Here are some tips for moms that will allow you to have a healthy baby. To avoid the development of the divine disease in a child, pregnant women can’t drink alcohol and Smoking. It is necessary to ensure good nutrition and treated promptly the infection.

    And to avoid the symptomatic form of the disease, and children and adults need to protect your head from injury, time to treat the infection, preventing complications, to respect the day.

    The first aid

    Often the epileptic seizure ends with the death of the patient. Therefore, loved ones should be able to recognize and in time to provide first aid. Note that it is given only when motor seizures.

    Common signs of epilepsy and exacerbation of impending loss of consciousness.

    When entering the attack, the falling man need to help him to slowly sink to the floor or to sit on the bench. If he is in a dangerous location e.g. on a pedestrian crossing, it is necessary to take away.

    To alleviate the patient’s condition, you must take care of sufficient ventilation. The man’s head turn to the side to avoid suffocation from sunken language, which happens quite often.

    If the attack is accompanied by vomiting, the body of the patient turn on his side so he wouldn’t choke on the vomit.

    If it lasts more than 5 minutes, the patient stopped breathing or he was injured, we urgently need to call an ambulance. The same if we are talking about pregnant.

    And now, a few words about what not to do. You can not try to restrain the seizure. It is not necessary to shift the patient to another place. It makes sense to do only if stay in the same place threatens him with injury.

    Do not try to unclench your teeth it can hurt the oral cavity, and carry out indirect heart massage, artificial respiration. If your mouth is open, between the teeth you can put a folded handkerchief this will prevent damage of teeth and biting of the cheek or tongue.