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this inflammation of the appendages of the testis with the presence of the characteristic swelling and redness in the scrotum.

Depending on the speed of development of inflammation distinguish

  • acute epididymitis with pronounced intoxication (presence of weakness in the body, head, muscle, joint pain), acute pain in the scrotum. Even by light mechanical shaking or changing the position of the epididymis in the scrotum causing severe pain
  • chronic epididymitis, occurs in the presence of acute epididymitis, which existed for a long time without medical intervention. In this case, the appendage seroprevalence, symptoms are mild, but can be increased with acute inflammation. The disease can affect the reduction of the fertilizing capacity of sperm.

Depending on the side of occurrence, epididymitis distinguish

  • unilaterally observed on the left or right
  • two-sided.

A separate, specific type of tuberculous epididymitis is characterized by mild pain and slight fever. The epididymis is sealed, is irregular, and the use of a standard course of antibiotic therapy nizkoeffektivnyj.


The main causes of epididymitis – bacteria of intestinal microflora (E. coli) and bacterial infection. It can enter the body during sexual intercourse (gonorrhea, chlamydia). Also source of the disease can be a fungal infection. To the occurrence of epididymitis and can cause some medicines.


The patient complains of a sharp pain in pachai during ejaculation. Discomfort increasing gradually, often first appearing in your side or lower back. In addition, when epididymitis characterized by such symptoms as the formation of the seal at the back of the testicle, inguinal lymph nodes are enlarged, there is blood in the semen. The patient enough high body temperature, headache, there is a lack of energy and chills. During the first days the symptoms will be most pronounced.


After the arrival of the patient to the clinic, the doctor first conducts a medical history. Here is important information when there is pain in the scrotum and if she got injured earlier. Also the specialist should know about diseases in the patient’s urinary system and whether he was sick with tuberculosis in the past. If examination of the scrotum is not enough, diagnostic tests microscopy, bacterial inoculation, blood and urine analysis, ultrasound they will give a complete picture of the illnesses and will allow you to assign effective treatment of disease.


Acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis treatment mean is different. In the first case the main method leaniant the use of prescribed antibacterial therapy, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and immunostimulant drugs. They are introduced intramuscularly, intravenously and orally. Here you need to consider the sensitivity of microflora patient to drugs and for more effective treatment use two anti-infective drug. It allows to detect several pathogens. Inflammation of the epididymis involves the treatment of diseases occurring sexually transmitted. Also for the patient requires bed rest, tranquility, the use of support underwear. In the period of the disease shows the diet (no fried, salty food) and drinking enough fluid.

Inflammation of the epididymis in men with magnanimity surgery. This involves an incision of the skin of the scrotum and incision of the membranes of the epididymis. In extreme cases, with purulent inflammation of the shown removal of the epididymis. Treatment of chronic forms is carried out according to the same scheme, but a longer period of time. Sometimes attach physiotherapy, namely UHF.

Usually, the acute form of epididymitis can be cured without consequences for the health of men. But in some cases there is inflammation of the appendage with the other hand or suppuration of the ovary. There is a risk of formation of fistula of the scrotum or the so called adhesions between the testicle and the scrotal tissues. Delayed treatment or its absence can cause the risk of infertility.


Prevention includes

  • proper attention to their health
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good hygiene
  • upon the occurrence of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system operational access to a doctor-urologist
  • maintenance of an orderly sex life with the use of contraceptive methods
  • regular visits to the doctor-the urologist once a year.