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  1. Symptoms
  2. Reasons
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


pathogenic process affects the human gut. The disease develops by penetration into the body of the worm pinworm. The pathogen resides within the human body for 12 months. The poor personal hygiene can lead to a cyclical process of parasitism of the worm, increasing the residence time of the parasite to several months. In some cases, the pinworm can parasitize several years.


The symptomatic picture of the disease includes

  • itching in the anal area. Mainly occurs in the night time
  • pain in the abdomen
  • reduction or complete loss of appetite
  • a feeling of nausea
  • the occurrence of dry mouth.

In most cases, the extinction symptoms observed after 23 days from the moment of penetration of the worm into the body of the patient. However, in the case of re-infection, which is possible through the ingestion of pinworm eggs, the symptomatic picture may be renewed through 34 weeks.

If the causative agent is the human body a long period of time, symptoms of enterobiasis can include painful sensations in the abdomen, similar pain in the development of appendicitis, a false urge to defecation pain, bloating of the abdomen, liquid stool form. In addition, when you progress a lot these include neurological manifestations such as headaches, decreased level of disability, and the memory of the patient, the occurrence of dizziness.

Enterobiasis in children is manifested by a similar symptomatic picture. Therefore, in terms of clinical manifestations enterobiasis in adults and children are not different from each other.


Most often disease is transmitted by person who is sick enterobiasis. Eggs laid by the parasite in the host organism, acquire infectious properties 46 hours from the moment of occurrence. The spread of infectious eggs in their contact with the objects of domestic character linen the non-observance of rules of personal hygiene sick person. In the future, the time eggs are swallowed as the sick and healthy people. In addition, carriers of the disease can be flies. The use of water containing the pathogen may also cause the development of enterobiasis. There is also the possibility of infection with pinworms by inhaling dust that contains the eggs of parasites.

The wide spread of the disease acquired in areas with poor sanitary conditions. Also a big possibility of infection in institutions and groups which contain children. Examples of such institutions can be kindergartens. In the team of children of primary school age are also widespread the risk of infection.


Diagnosis of pinworms involves the application of the following measures and means

  • analysis of patient’s complaints
  • take and further examination of a scraping. Scraping on enterobiasis taken in the perianal region of the patient. This procedure is conducted in the morning of the day before cleaning. To establish the diagnosis, scrapings taken three times through the procedure of taking the scraping with an interval of 23 days
  • the epidemiological anamnesis
  • analysis for pinworms involves the study of taken from the patient scraping. Kal is not used for diagnostics for pinworms.

Diagnostic measures may include consulting services of a physician, specializing in infectious disease.


Therapeutic measures to eliminate this disease are varied. Use of drugs that inhibit the development of parasitic organisms, particularly helminths. However, in most cases, the use of drugs is not assigned, and the treatment process is reduced to to full compliance with the modes and rules of personal hygiene of the patient.

Also be sure to is Ironing sheets and underwear at the end of the sleep period.

To prevent dissipation of the eggs of the causative agent of the disease use a cotton swab, which closes the anus. To achieve this purpose, can be used special underwear equipped with hip rubber bands. This measure helps to prevent the eggs of pinworms in the area of female genital mutilation. The use of these items will also help to get rid of the itchy sensations.

Treatment of enterobiasis in adults and children accompanied by an obligatory disinfection of all rooms and all household items, dishes.

Mandatory whole family is the implementation of hygienic measures. The number of patients in the family does not matter. The duration of adherence is 23 weeks, followed by a re-examination of a scraping for the presence of eggs of the parasite.


As a result of the transfer of the disease a person may experience the following complications

  • deviations of the microflora in the intestines
  • the progression of gastritis, enteritis, gastroduodenitis
  • the occurrence of disturbances in the functions of the nervous system
  • the emergence and subsequent development of appendicitis, proctitis
  • the development of inflammation in the perianal region as a result of scratching.


Enterobiasis prevention includes good hygiene of the person installing the descents of the water of pedal mechanism in the toilets for public use and carry out disinfection of utensils in schools associated with the industry of public catering.