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  1. Causes of endophthalmitis
  2. Symptoms of endophthalmitis
  3. Treatment of endophthalmitis


purulent inflammation of the covering of all structures of the eye. The pus can seep into all shells in the eyeball, or may form an abscess in the vitreous body. Sometimes it comes to a complete melting of the inner shells of an Apple.

Causes of endophthalmitis

Inflammation develops as a result of infection in the eyeball. In the case of wounds of the eye, during surgical interventions, the development of perforated corneal ulcers. Less common cause of inflammation becomes a skid of microorganisms from the foci of inflammation, which are located in the internal organs. Risk factors for development of endophthalmitis are

the presence of severe chronic diseases, a General weakening of the immune system. In medical practice there were cases when the inflammation has developed in a few years after infection of the eye.

Distinguish several forms of indialite

  • purulent inflammation
  • fungal endophallic
  • postoperative endophallic
  • traumatic inflammation
  • phacoanaphylaxis endophthalmitis.

Each form its origin of infection and development of inflammation.

Symptoms of endophthalmitis

For inflammatory process characterized by severe pain in the affected eye, swelling of the century and conjunctiva, decreased vision, fear of bright light. The eye is red, the vitreous body becomes cloudy, the pupil is observed a yellowish-grey glow (due to the formation in the vitreous abscess). Eye pressure is lowered. In the case of successful treatment of an abscess over time, there is connective tissue, the reflection becomes whitish.

In the diagnosis of endophthalmitis takes into account the patient’s complaints, data of anamnesis (especially on migrated ocular surgeries and injuries), the presence of inflammation in the anterior segment of the eyeball. In some cases, the doctor may order ultrasound of the eye. Made sure the inoculation of the bacterial flora.

Treatment of endophthalmitis

Timely diagnosis and proper treatment of inflammation allow you to keep the vision at a sufficient level (ideally it will not). Any delay does not exclude the development panophthalmitis that leads to the death of eyes and blindness, as well as the spread of pus outside of the eyeball.

In this regard, for decision-making about the treatment of endophthalmitis the doctor can be guided by a simple suspicion of the disease. Treated at the hospital. Depending on the pathogen, the selected individual is a type of antibiotic that is administered intravenously and into the cavity or chamber of the eye, under the conjunctiva or into the vitreous body. Parallel appointed anti-inflammatory drugs.

In some cases, may be assigned vitreoectomy (removal of vitreous). If the inflammation was delayed and touched all the shells and tissues of the eye eyes removed.

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