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Eczema symptoms signs and treatment

    In medical practice, eczema disease is considered a chronic disease of the skin. Eczema is not transmitted.

    Eczema symptoms

    • itching
    • skin rashes of different sizes and shapes
    • periods of exacerbation alternate with wellbeing.

    Sometimes this name is also called the weeping ringworm. The term eczema is derived from the word boil. This definition comes from the similarity of the formations of bubbles on the water that is boiling.

    Eczema, the disease, which is prevalent today. The formation of unpleasant bubbles often damages the face, hands, feet, But perhaps a rash on other parts of the body. The weighted form of eczema is called erythroderma, which damages the entire skin. Symptoms of eczema can vary depending on the complexity of the disease. Depends on number of bubbles.

    How to get rid of eczema?

    Before you answer this question, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the forms of the disease, among which are the following

    • chronic
    • sharp.

    Next, let’s talk about the types of this disease

    True form

    For this variation of eczema characterized by an acute initial period of the disease. Lesions all over the body symmetrical. The most frequently suffer from this phase, as the hand, but, in principle, limitations in the localization of no. There is only some redness, which begin to appear bubbles, formed nodules appear swelling of the skin. Then the bubbles turn into erosion, these formations begins to secrete the fluid which is called serous. In the later stages of erosion may be released from the blood.

    Microbial form

    Already from the name it is clear that the development of eczema starts from infections that enter the human body without any problems. This type of eczema is also divided into subspecies

    • mycotic option here, apart from the disease itself there is also a fungus. In this case, the typical additional scaling
    • paratravmaticheskuyu is a disease that appears on the site of the former injury
    • varicose form the investigation of violations of trophic character. Lesions damage the skin of the legs, the rash is far from symmetric, education is painted in a colour between blue and purple
    • shape – a disease of the lesions, the diameter of each formation in some cases may reach 3 cm
    • eczema skin type. The rash may be located on the inner side of the palm, on the fingers from different sides of the fingers. In this case, may be released from the liquid of various colors and consistency from ulcers.

    The seborrheic type of eczema

    The name of a disease, such as seborrhea, is not as popular today, however, the disease itself can cause more serious damage to the human body, namely eczema. Seborrhea loves those skin areas where sebaceous blinds accumulate in large quantities. Besides that the spots turn red, over it appears a film which peels off.

    Professional type of eczema

    Such eczema symptoms manifest the same as usual. It occurs due to the impact of harmful substances on the exposed areas of the skin. This disease can occur in people who have harmful working conditions. The diagnosis can only profpathology. Each manifestation of the disease is with more power, lasts longer, and occurs in more severe form.

    Signs of eczema in children

    In children this disease occurs very often, he characteristically exudative components, and rashes quite abundant. Rashes occur on the face, or rather, the mouth area. Infection can be difficult since children’s bodies are more susceptible to damage and his immune system is not yet so developed to deal with them.

    Eczema motevideo forms

    Localization of lesions on the palms. The thickness of the horn face increases, the small bubbles are replaced with formations that resemble more corn.

    Though the disease has many varieties, but some common symptoms still exists

    • a certain area of the skin becomes inflamed, begins to blush (and some forms can be characterized by blue color), these redness creating the impression that the skin layer in that area thicker
    • the appearance of the rash, it is the size and type of rash help to determine how the eczema damaged skin
    • itching, which can be as temporary and permanent. This factor becomes a cause of discomfort and can affect work and learning
    • when opening the bubbles, in their place, develop cracks or wounds of various sizes
    • in periods of exacerbations of the disease accompanied by fever
    • even after the inflammation goes away, the skin elasticity cannot be restored.

    Eczema treatment and diagnosis

    Of course, you can put a diagnosis themselves, but it is better to visit a dermatologist, who will make the diagnosis after a visual examination and some procedures. There are diseases which have similar characteristics, so the doctor is obliged not only to examine you and conduct tests, or to take to explore a piece of the affected skin. Eczema can be confused with fungal infections, scabies, psoriasis and other similar diseases.

    What happens if eczema treatment used incorrect or untimely?

    Complication can be the situation when the disease is not their own, that is added to it other infections. It could be the fungus, or purulent inflammation. The result of the complications significant deterioration of health, pus, odor. Without an increase in body temperature is not enough. Treatment in this case should be done under strict supervision of doctors at the hospital.

    Another type of complication, which was already mentioned earlier, is erythroderma. In this case, all the human body is covered with bubbles. Treatment without the presence of a specialist is impossible.

    How to treat eczema?

    The first step is to remove the cause that provoked the onset and course of the disease. To do this today, many techniques which enable virtually painless to run the job. Then the dermatologist or other doctor who takes part in treatment, prescribes medicines of various kinds. Do not be surprised if the patient will be discharged diuretics, and vitamins. The disease not only disrupts the structure of the skin, but also harm cells of the immune system.

    The treatment consists not only of oral taking medicines, but with the use of lotions. What should be used for baths, prescribed by your doctor.

    Compliance with hypoallergenic diet mandatory measures in the period of exacerbation of the disease. You need to limit any work with chemicals. When you work should use protective measures, and after work be sure to wash your hands.

    During the disease, you should minimize contact with water. This is especially true of bathing on public beaches or in swimming pools. In the pools the water is often added bleach, just the person with eczema to swim in such water, and the disease is 100% tougher, and eruptions become more frequent and more severe. To avoid this, it is better to refuse from such bathing.

    A terrible disease and is treatment possible at home?

    Self-treatment is rarely successful, so it is best not to conduct experiments. Of course, there are many folk remedies that promise to eliminate bad education in a short period of time, but believe this promise does not recommend any one doctor. The question how to cure eczema and not hurt themselves, can answer only a specialist. Only a doctor knows how to take the medicine, what methods are most effective, how to behave during disease.

    Eczema in its early stages can be attributed not so much to terrible diseases as unpleasant. At a late stage is a serious problem, but that it did not arise, you should consult a dermatologist, even upon the slightest suspicion of the disease. You should not hesitate to seek the help of experts, because of suffering from eczema.