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Ectropion of the cervix


this is a female disorder characterized by eversion of the mucosa of the cervical canal into the cavity of the vagina. The normal functioning of the cervix may be violated due to exposure to the acidic environment of the vagina, the result of which may develop

and pseudo and



The cervical ectropion may be congenital or acquired forms. If mucosal folds occur at regular intervals, congenital ectropion, and if folds of mucous messy we are talking about acquired ectropion. Congenital ectropion is typical for young nulliparous women who disturbed hormonal balance. Acquired ectropion occurs as a result of damage in the uterus (tearing during childbirth, surgical interventions on the uterus, artificial



Ectropion of the cervix may not appear in patients up to a certain point, to detect the disease may the doctor for examination.

In other cases the disease may be characterized by such symptoms

  • pain in the lumbar region, lower abdomen
  • spotting after intercourse
  • menstrual disorders (heavy bleeding, etc.)
  • allocation of white color
  • sensations of itching, burning sensation in the genital area.


For the diagnosis of eversion of the cervix, the woman should undergo an examination by a gynecologist (using a mirror). The examination allows to determine the degree of deformation of the cervix and eversion of the endocervix into the vaginal cavity. If necessary, is taken material for analysis of bacterioscopy, Cytology and bacteriology .


After determining the diagnosis of cervical ectropion, treatment should be appointed immediately because of the fact that the disease can lead to serious complications. Dependent from the test results can be assigned to different treatment options

  • for young women with congenital ectropion, prescribe cryotherapy (use of liquid nitrogen). If this treatment prove ineffective, then the doctor resorts to surgical treatment.
  • for patients with acquired ectropion can assign or excision (deep excision of part of the cervix), or the procedure conization (removal of a large fragment of the cervix). These procedures can be performed using laser, ultrasound or radio waves.

Treatment of erosion and cervical ectropion is performed using diathermocoagulation, that is, burning with electric current. Also, the patient may require the appointment of hormonal, antiviral, immunomodulatory drugs.

Surgical intervention, usually accompanied by local anesthesia that reduces pain sensitivity during the surgery. After all the necessary procedures, patients should refrain from sex for a month and a half. In case of an untimely determination of ectropion may experience inflammation, leading to disease of the female genital organs (e.g., vulvovaginitis and cervicitis), and the development of precancerous diseases of the cervix (true erosion, cervical dysplasia).

If the time to classify the disease and early treatment, the prognosis for life and reproductive health favourable.


Prevention professionals recommended

  • the conduct of rational choice methods of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy and abortion
  • the provision of medical support childbirth in order to exclude gross injuries of the cervix
  • regularly visit the gynecologist.