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Diet after appendectomy

  1. Causes and symptoms appendicitis eating habits after surgery
  2. Diet after removal of appendicitis in adults
  3. Diet after appendicitis in children
  4. Diet after appendicitis with peritonitis
  5. Food after abscess appendicitis

    After removal of appendicitis one of the most important factors of recovery is a significant change in the usual diet. Given that after the operation, the integrity of the bowel is disrupted, to restore a strict diet after appendicitis. Diet during this period aimed at the most rapid recovery of the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract and reduction of the postoperative period.

    Causes and symptoms appendicitis eating habits after surgery

    as you know inflammation of the Appendix (vermiform Appendix rectum). Disease stage affects the appearance of appendicitis it may be catarrhal, phlegmonous or gangrenous. Treatment for any type of disease one surgery.

    Inflammation of the Appendix occur in such situations

    • getting into the bone through the blood or lymph pyogenic bacteria
    • due to the inflammation provoked by undigested food, clutter clearance process
    • the use of seeds or ingestion of a seed of fruit, small parts from toys that swallow small children.

    The main symptoms of appendicitis

    • Severe pain, at first extending across the abdomen, and eventually lokalizirutesa at the bottom right and increasing during the cough. The pain may be concentrated in the region of the pelvis if the Appendix is pushed down.
    • Vomiting, diarrhea (and constipation), dark urine and pain when urinating.
    • Fever, dry tongue.

    To avoid serious complications (and specifically rupture of the Appendix causing inflammation throughout the abdominal region), a disease is treated by excision of the Appendix, i.e., appendectomy.

    After proceeding quite a long recovery period, a key factor of which is diet as eating regular daily meals can trigger the joints and further development of peritonitis. The meaning of the drawing and the following menu after removal of appendicitis is the gradual addition to the diet of new products.

    Diet after appendicitis includes those allowed to eat products

    • vegetable soups based on potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, greens. Preferably in the form of soups
    • macaroni casseroles, vegetables, mushrooms
    • oatmeal in water with vegetables especially on the basis of buckwheat, and Buntings, rice
    • lean meat and fish (marine)
    • low-fat dairy products, warmed up to room temperature (so as not to disturb the stomach)
    • strawberries and raspberries, oranges, peaches, pomegranate
    • dried fruits and honey
    • herbal teas, stewed fruit, jelly, broth hips.

    From the diet should be excluded pickles, and smoked, sauces and condiments, pepper and salt, soup, fish, peas, soup, okroshka, fatty meat broths, fatty dairy products, sweets and flour.

    Diet after removal of appendicitis in adults

    Diet after surgery for appendicitis in adults is characterized by robust limited diet in the beginning, with a gradual expansion of the menu in the future.

    In the first days after surgery, to consume food and liquid is not recommended is sometimes enough to wet your lips.

    In the first days after the operation the patient has no appetite due to the fact that the body is under stress. Therefore, consuming food and liquid is not recommended is sometimes enough to wet your lips.After 12 hours the patient is allowed to eat soup, drink the jelly or tea (if condition allows).

    On the second and third day after removal of appendicitis should go to 5 or 6 meals a day meal (smaller meals). The diet should include low-fat yoghurts, soups with chicken, zucchini and pumpkin, chicken broth, rice. The exact diet should be the attending physician based on the patient’s condition, presence of contraindications, allergies and other factors.

    In order to establish the bowels, in the first 7 days after removal of the Appendix in the menu the patient can introduce fruits and berries, vegetables and cereals.

    lean meat and fish. It is very important to chew your food, and even better to give it to the patient in crushed (pured). For wound healing you need to drink clean water without gas in large quantities.

    In the second week after surgery you can start eating vegetable soups, carefully otvarivaya all the vegetables and crushing them in a blender. After a month of dieting after removal of appendicitis in the menu you can enter the forbidden before the beans. Starchy and sweet food you can eat in 2 months, but in limited quantities. If after a month the wound healed well, it can be recommended by your doctor go to the usual diet. But you should not abuse finally the recovery of the body will be completed in 4 months.

    Diet after appendicitis in children

    Diet after surgery in children should be gentle as possible

    • any food served in powdered form, pureed, mashed, boiled, steamed
    • completely eliminate fatty broths and fried dishes
    • do not give large pieces of meat and hard vegetables
    • to give the bananas they are perfect for daily diet
    • every day to give low-fat milk products (mostly yoghurt).

    Diet after appendicitis with peritonitis

    Appendectomy with peritonitis belongs to the category of complex operations respectively, the recovery too difficult. So the diet in such cases should be as sparing. All products used in food should not lead to irritation of the intestines and, especially, to the formation of excess weight.

    The perfect dish soups without potatoes, well-boiled porridge.

    In any case, you can not drink carbonated beverages, spicy and salty dishes, sweets.

    In General, the diet after

    virtually identical to the standard diet. Care should be taken filling diet foods with lots of vitamins in particular, sour berries and citrus and bananas, pears and apples that contribute to the recovery of the body.

    Food after abscess appendicitis

    Diet diet after phlegmonous appendicitis should be the doctor depending on the patient’s preferences and overall condition.

    The menu should include cottage cheese, soups, liquid porridge, steamed vegetables that have many vitamins and nutrients needed for quick recovery. An important component of the menu must be Apple, pear, banana and pumpkin puree, which are well absorbed by the body.

    Sample menu after operation on appendicitis as follows

    • for Breakfast pureed porridge on the water with protertym curd and herbal tea
    • for lunch, the broth of a dogrose
    • lunch vegetable soup, steam chicken meatballs, rice, fruit jelly
    • for tea a decoction of blueberries
    • for dinner, mashed buckwheat porridge, omelette, steamed green tea
    • before bed a Cup of warm jelly.

    If diet after appendicitis has been agreed with the attending physician, if the diet is adhered to faithfully, results are positive, the body will recover quickly, wounds heal well, the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract will be established. Naturally, along with diet should implement other recommendations of your doctor and take medicines.