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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

Demodicosis (called Demodex)

the disease appears due to parasitism of pathogenic mites on human skin. It is also called acne Zheleznitsa, mites-Demodex. The habitat of these ticks the sebaceous ducts and hair follicles of man.


Basically, the parasites settle on the skin of a human face strike the eyelids, forehead, folds of the nose and lips, external ear canal, rarely the chest and back. Sometimes the defeat exposed the roots of the eyelashes or follicles of hair. Basically, most demodicosis occurs in people of middle age with a weakened immune system and impaired metabolism.

The skin develops an allergic reaction due to the waste products of the mite, because of what she looks like on the red rough surface is manifested in the form rosacea, seborrhea, developed lesions of the eye in conjunctivitis. In the case of normal acne, it increases and increases that caused by demodicosis. If severe demodicosis appear on the skin scarring and thickening.

Front parasites have a size of from 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm, their mouth looks like a sharp thin needle. Mites breed and lay eggs outside, on the surface of human skin, and for the use of food to penetrate in the skin cells, then die, decomposing in the sebaceous glands. Favorable moist and warm environment promotes the growth of mites often, every 15 days. Their waste products remain in the human skin and provoke the body’s inflammatory response.


Demodicosis is characterized by the following symptoms

  • skin seals on face
  • only thing that
  • redness NHK and forehead
  • eye fatigue
  • itching and etcnot eyelids, redness and inflammation of eyelids
  • eye discharge, lacrimation
  • the plaque on the eyelashes and their hair loss.

Demodicosis in humans causes a worsening or parallel development of diseases such as psoriasis, eye stye, acne and blepharitis.


To produce accurate dignostic demodicosis and to detect the presence of parasites, apply microscopic examination. They are scraping the sebaceous glands of the skin to detect the presence of parasite eggs.

This eyelash is treated with alkali, placed under a glass slide and examined under a microscope. This allows for timely diagnosis of disease and prescribe treatment.


Because facial parasite is vulnerable to the effects of sulfur while demodectic mange treatment is applied a variety of ointments on the basis of sulfuric (ointments Deleks-acne, Sulphur ointment). For the past few weeks with regular application of prescribed ointments, it is possible to eliminate the disease.

If symptoms disappear before the end of the treatment period, the treatment of demodectic bring to the end of the course to prevent recurrent disease. When using purified sulphur from the pharmacy it is worth remembering that it too dries the skin and when used carelessly can cause burns. Therefore, you should concurrently apply a moisturizer to the skin.

There are specialized cream that resolves the inflammation of the facial ticks, in addition, normalizerbase work skin pores, restoring your skin to breathe. The use of these creams reduces the risk of re-infection. For example, optimal treatment are spray-Drier and special antidemodex the Xin Fumanling cream, which can be freely purchased at the pharmacy.

Alternative method of traditional treatment by using tinctures of the flowers of tansy. The ratio of components of the tinctures, 1 tablespoon of inflorescences to 250 ml of boiling water. Tincture should stand for 50 min, then strain the liquid and eye drops 2 drops 3 times a day. The course of treatment 2 weeks. The shelf life of broth for less than a day, so it’s worth it to cook every day.

Should definitely comply with rules that will prevent re-infection with Demodex. Should be carried out heat treatment of towels, bed linen (ironed), to wash things that come into contact with a person to carry out regular disinfection of razors, to wear mascara anymore, which was used when infected, use antibacterial soap and disposable paper napkins.

Facial demodicosis and demodicosis of the eyelids are interrelated and therefore their treatment is carried out at the same time. Thus it is necessary to avoid close with the infected patient’s face and kisses. When the disease are recommended not to go to the pool, the bath, to avoid hypothermia, fatigue, prolonged stay in direct sunlight, limit the techniques of spicy food and alcohol.


To prevent the disease is one, observe the usual rules of personal hygiene, maintain proper care of the skin (moisturizing, softening, maintaining cleanliness of the skin), in the diet needs to be nutrients, vitamins, minerals, diet should be complete and varied.

You should exclude from your diet excessive alcohol and too spicy food, to support and not to violate the established optimal combination mode of work and rest, do not overload yourself. You should not use other people’s personal hygiene items.

People have recovered from demodectic mange, it is worth to closely watch the changes in your health and at the slightest sign of the disease is to carry out an inspection at the doctor-dermatologist. Early diagnosis of the disease allows you to conduct a simple, lgae and rapid treatment in comparison with treatment of the running Demodex. Because there are spring and autumn exacerbation of Demodex, patients should contact a dermatologist 2 times a year in periods of increased activity of ticks to prevent disease recurrence.