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Cystic disease of the lung

  1. Causes of cystic lung disease
  2. The symptoms of cystic lung disease
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of cystic lung disease

Cystic disease of the lung

this is one of the respiratory diseases. This is an anomaly of the lung or its part which is due to prenatal underdevelopment of the pulmonary parenchyma, bronchi and blood vessels. Cystic disease is easily 60-80% of lung malformations.

Causes of cystic lung disease

The cause of the disease is associated with congenital hypoplasia or complete absence of respiratory the lung in certain parts. The name of the defect derives from a kind of transformation malformed bronchi, which form a large number testopodobnymi cavities.

The symptoms of cystic lung disease

This disease is peculiar to the purity of the current. In 10% of cases found and the total absence of complaints. The condition can worsen with the accession of infection. In such cases, you may receive a cough, signs of severe purulent intoxication, sputum etc are the symptoms of cystic lung disease often appear in early childhood. However, most patients learn about their condition only in youth or in adulthood.

The symptoms of cystic lung disease include shortness of breath cough hemoptysis the allocation of significant amounts of phlegm when you cough malaise temperature rise moderately severe chest pain in rare cases is found cyanosis of the lips.

Diagnosis and treatment of cystic lung disease

The most effective and informative method of diagnostics is conducting x-ray examination. Also conducted bronchography, which sets the length of the cystic lung disease, its appearance, as well as secondary changes in other bronchi. Using angiography is the study of the immature vessels of the pulmonary circulation in the affected lung.

Treatment of cystic lung disease can be operative and conservative. Surgical treatment is used in most cases. Surgical treatment involves the removal of the lung or its share. Results of operative treatment in most cases is good, and the operating mortality does not exceed 1-4%. The operation is unacceptable in the following cases

  • when widespread bilateral hypoplasia, which makes resection unpromising
  • for the elderly with scanty symptoms
  • complications local hypoplasia diffuse chronic bronchitis
  • in the presence of General contraindications to surgical intervention.

Conservative treatment helps some to delay or attenuate the disease. There is the effect of false impressions about the well-being of such treatment.

Perhaps you are faced with cystic disease of the lung, and do not know to what expert to address? In this case, you definitely need to consult a therapist and pneumonology.

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