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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Treatment


this is a kind of infectious disease which is caused by a yeast
cryptococcus neoformans

. It affects the Central nervous system, lungs, skin and mucous membranes. There are different forms of manifestation of this disease is the pulmonary form, and disseminated cryptococcal meningitis.


Most often the disease is detected because of the pathogen, which is found in soil contaminated by bird droppings. In addition, this pathogen may be in the feces of cats, horses and dogs.

The infection is transmitted by inhalation of dust. From person to person this type of infectious disease is not transmitted.

The prevalence

Currently, cryptococcosis is widespread in almost all countries of the world. Although, at the same time, despite its prevalence, it continues to be treated as a relatively rare infection.

Mainly the disease of people of a more Mature age (40 to 60 years). Although sometimes there are instances of this type of infection and in children and in elderly people. More frequently recorded disease in the male half of the population.



In pulmonary form, the disease process may be asymptomatic and occurs in 30% of patients. It is also possible cough, fever and expectoration of blood.

In the disseminated form the disease affects the kidneys and adrenal glands, heart, bones, as well as the defeat can touch the eyes, prostate and lymph nodes. And some has been painless education on the skin.

Cryptococcosis spread synonym

When cryptococcal meningitis occurs dizziness, fever, headache, impaired vision and epileptic seizures, though the initial stage may be asymptomatic.


Usually patients with cryptococcosis prescribe amphotericin b (intravenous), but the best effect is observed when administration of the drug intrathecal (in this case, the implantation pump) through the day, alternating with intravenous administration. The dose per day may be between 0.6 and 0.8 mgkg.

Also, this drug efficiently combined with other, for example, fortitudinem (no more than 150 MKhAT). Then, eventually, move on to another drug, fluconazole (400 mg / day, subsequently 200 mg / day), time is 6-10 weeks.

cryptogenic organizing pneumonia