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Coxarthrosis Arthrosis of hip joint

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


(deforming osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis of the hip joint) disease affecting articular cartilage and other components of the joint. With the defeat of the degradation products of cartilage cause inflammatory processes, accumulate in the joint cavity. The inflammation extends further to all components of the joint and surrounding soft tissue, resulting in impaired functionality of the joint.


Forms of coxarthrosis are distinguished depending on the causes of the disease

  • primary progresses at constant joints for uncertain reasons
  • secondary develops in parallel to the existing inflammatory and degenerative diseases (injuries of the joints, inflammatory processes).


In the absence of pathologies of the cartilage that covers the surface of bones forming the joint, thereby providing their normal slide between them in motion. The job of the cartilage is built on the principle of the sponge without the stress it absorbs, and in the event of the action squeezes the collected fluid into the joint cavity, lubricating the joint.

To ensure normal operation of the joint components cartilage are updated all the time articular cartilage is destroyed and renewed periodically cycle in the absence of pathologies.

For eating disorders of cartilage, or for long-term and recurring congestion during the collapse of the cartilage tissue becomes longer recovery period. The structure of the cartilage thanks to the prevailing processes of destruction is broken. The cartilage becomes thinner, more brittle.

The structure of the cartilage is destroyed, so the load goes to the bone. The shape of the cartilage due to the formation of bony growths of the joint, lower limb, affected with this disease, becomes shorter than the other.

Coxarthrosis hip joint develops under the influence of different reasons

  • the presence of hereditary predisposition to the disease
  • dislocation of the hip in utero
  • congenital formation disorder of the hip joint dysplastic coxarthrosis
  • limiting the power of cartilage by circulatory disorders of the joint
  • injury mechanically
  • obesity
  • operation, overload of the joints
  • the consequences of metabolic disorders
  • any infection
  • inflammation
  • a sedentary lifestyle.


The etymology of the disease men older than 40 years.

Coxarthrosis is characterized by the following symptoms

  • the crunch of joints in motion in the initial development of the disease
  • pain resulting from movement or physical activity (running, climbing stairs, carrying heavy loads and physical exercises)
  • there may be pain at the start after a long rest in the undertaking motion
  • pain in hip, groin
  • stiffness in the morning (if there is inflammation of more than 30 min)
  • the formation of the different lengths of the lower limbs in the development of the disease due to the deformation of the hip joint
  • limp, limitation of movement of joints
  • the amount of the muscle mass of the thigh is reduced, atrophy of muscles, weakness of muscle tissue.

Patients with osteoarthritis of the hip joint is harder to descend stairs than to ascend because of the peculiar bend of the joint.

Coxarthrosis of the hip in the presence of inflammation increases, the pain becomes stronger, more permanent, felt even at night.


To diagnose and timely treat coxarthrosis joints, you should consult a physician or a podiatrist.

Diagnosis of osteoarthritis includes

  • General medical examination to determine the range of motion of the joint
  • the analysis of the complaints of the patient location of pain, intensity and other symptoms
  • analysis of the development of the disease and the degree of coxarthrosis
  • the possible use of ultrasound to determine the presence or absence of inflammation of the joints or periarticular tissues.


When hip osteoarthritis is pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment.

Relieve tension joint with non-pharmacological treatment use of auxiliary items for walking (crutches, canes). In acute and severe pain is to avoid loading of the joints, to ensure peace. That the pain decreased, apply heat and ultraviolet radiation of the joints.

In coxarthrosis, when reduced inflammation, non-drug treatment increase prescribed treatment and physiotherapy procedures, modeling.

With medical treatment the patient is prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of ointments and gel to reduce the inflammation of the joint. In case of absence of effect from them, apply glucocorticosteroid hormone injections into the joint cavity.

To restore the metabolic processes of cartilage is to be ingested and enter the intra-articular special preparations with a content of structural components of cartilage. There are special drugs that improve blood circulation.

When a significant loss of functionality or complete immobilization of the joints surgery is needed at this stage of coxarthrosis in the hip joint prosthesis.


In the case of timely diagnosis and apply correct treatment of complications should not be. The presence of complications observed in the treatment failure and in extreme stages of coxarthrosis possible total ankylosis, leading to disability of the patient.


The hip joints can be prevent the implementation of a number of preventive measures

  • the control of body weight
  • reducing stress on the joint
  • avoidance of strenuous exercise associated with bending of the knee joint
  • treatment of congenital dislocation of the hip
  • support tone leg muscles workouts
  • treatment of inflammatory diseases of the joints.