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Coronavirus infection

Coronavirus infection

an acute viral disease that affects primarily the upper respiratory tract, expressed as rhinitis or affects the gastrointestinal tract in the form of gastroenteritis.

Causes and spread of coronavirus infection

Pathogens are RNA-genomic viruses. Pathogenic for man are intestinal and respiratory coronaviruses, while dominated by respiratory, which often superficially diagnosed as the flu or SARS. Reservoir and source of infection is a sick man. The mechanism of infection is airborne and fecal-oral method.

Sensitive to the pathogen is high among people of all age groups.

Coronavirus infections are quite common (up to 9.4% of all cases of SARS). It is noted the family nature of the incidence. Mainly affects children and adolescents. Diagnosis of coronavirus infection in adults is difficult because of its malosimptomnoe or erased of course. For infections of this type are characterized by a seasonal occurrence with peaks in winter and spring seasons.

In General, the mechanism of infection has not been studied. As gateway to the causative agent may serve as the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract. During illness the synthesis of antibodies that do not protect the organism from re-infection.

The symptoms of coronavirus infection

The incubation period is 2-3 days. If the aerogenic infection, the clinical picture is similar to the rhinovirus infection. The most common symptoms

  • malaise
  • headache of medium strength
  • severe rhinorrhea
  • painful coughing and sneezing.

Symptoms appear on average 5-7 days. Sometimes supplemented with symptoms of lower respiratory tract (pain with breathing). Less common viral disease is similar symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. Upper respiratory tract it does not give symptoms. Complications of coronavirus infection usually do not give. The prognosis is favorable.

Treatment of coronavirus infection

Used symptomatic therapies. It is recommended to use means of prevention, developed for the flu and colds. Specific preventive drugs for coronavirus infections is not.

For proper diagnosis and treatment coronavirus infection is recommended to contact an experienced infectious disease doctor. To find the best specialist in your town and make an appointment for an appointment via the website