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Conjunctivitis in newborns causes and treatment

    Almost every mother faced with the unpleasant problem of your baby as conjunctivitis. Called conjunctivitis is an acute inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the eyeball and inner surface of the eyelids. The baby conjunctivitis can occur in the hospital or a few days after discharge.

    The cause of the disease in most cases is a bacterial infection acquired from the mother during passage of the birth canal. Also, the cause of conjunctivitis can be of poor hygiene on child care in the home.

    In newborns, conjunctivitis is manifested acutely, the child begins to act up, rubbing the handles of the eye. At survey of the child revealed persistent redness of the eyes, tearing, the appearance of a copious discharge of yellow-green. In the presence of these symptoms should immediately show the baby a doctor! Self-treatment of conjunctivitis especially the eye instillation of breast milk are strictly forbidden, since milk is a highly favourable environment for bacteria!

    During the inspection, the doctor depending on the nature and causes of the disease, prescribe the appropriate disinfectant solution for washing the eye (e.g., a solution furatsilina), antibacterial eye drops and ointment with an antibiotic. If a baby has conjunctivitis, then wash the eyes should at least 5-8 times a day, using a gauze swab, separate for each eye. Wool is better not to use, as its small hairs may fall into the eyes of the baby and cause additional inflammation.

    In order to properly wash the eyes baby, you need to moisten the gauze in the solution and dezinfeciruyuhimi in the direction from the outer to the inner corner to wipe the closed eye of a baby several times. Thus, the solution gets inside the conjunctival SAC.

    Put your eyedrops in the baby is quite a difficult task. In order to do it, the baby should take the hands, the index finger of the left hand to press the upper eyelid with your thumb and pull slightly the lower eyelid. After that, the right hand should be drip 1-2 drops inside the lower eyelid.

    With proper treatment conjunctivitis runs for weeks longer worried about the baby.


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