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Chronic Headache Pain Relief Remedy

A good chronic headache pain relief remedy focuses upon the triggers of chronic headaches and how to prevent them.

Chronic Headache Pain Relief Remedy

I view chronic headache pain as a symptom of an underlying health disorder. Just because headaches are common, doesn’t mean that they should not be taken seriously.

Sometimes the amount of the crystals become so profuse that they bulge out of the joint into what is called a outy tophus? which is white looking bump that can be quite painful.

Any health symptom that indicates a disruption in the normal blood circulation in the brain gets my attention. The blood that flows in and out of the blood vessels transport life giving oxygen to brain cells and without it, they die. (Once dead, brain cells do not regenerate.) Abnormal constriction and dilation of these blood vessels is a signal that something is triggering this.

Food Allergies can be one root cause of chronic headache pain.

The most common allergens that cause chronic headache pain are:

  • Dairy Products (due to lactic acid enzyme deficiency)
  • Alcohol consumption which constricts blood vessels and taxes the liver
  • Sulfites found in dried fruits, red wine, and in restaurant salad bars as preservatives
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) found in Chinese food bars and a variety of packaged foods
  • Nuts, especially peanuts
  • Hot dogs and luncheon meats due to the nitrate food preservatives, which turn into potent nitrosamines nown carcinogens.
  • Chocolate (I think mostly because of the sugar content. Who eats unsweetened chocolate by the box load?)
  • Wheat (many people lack the enzymes to digest this grain and it ferments in the gut which produces toxins)

If you have read my other pages on allergies, you will know that an adverse reaction to ordinary substances is mostly due to an abnormal immune response. A healthy immune system reacts properly to common found substances and the environment. Go to my Allergy Remedy page for more details on the immune system and the allergic response.

Underlying Health Problems can also cause chronic headache pain.

  • Sugar metabolism problems, such as undiagnosed hypoglycemia (precursor to full blown diabetes) insulin resistance, and sugar cravings due to chromium mineral deficiency.
  • Chronic sinusitis. Learn more about sinusitis on the following pages:Sinus Infection Remedy, Sinus Infection Symptoms, and Sinus Headache Remedy.
  • Anemia can cause chronic headache pain. It is important to get a check up if suspect that you may be anemic. Anemia may be sign of blood cancer, or other cancers in the body.
  • Tooth grinding (bruxism) at night. People who grind their teeth at night often wake up with a headache and keep it all day.
  • High blood pressure can cause chronic headache pain. It’s very important to invest in a digital blood pressure machine and know your blood pressure numbers. Since a significant number of heart attacks occur in the morning, if you wake up with a severe headache and feel dizzy or lightheaded don’t dismiss it. You could have undiagnosed high blood pressure (hypertension).
  • Chronic stress that has exhausted the adrenal, or commonly called, stress glands. Stress hormones constrict blood vessels all over the body, including those found in the heart. Scientists have found a link between adrenal gland function and the development of high blood pressure and heart disease. (The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys where the kidneys regulate sodium, potassium and fluid levels in the body.) Your chronic headache pain may be a signal that you are heading for more serious health problems.
  • Chronic Vitamin B group deficiency can cause chronic headache pain. These delicate water-soluble vitamins control/influence dozens of activities in the body and must be replenished daily. High stress and sugar readily deplete them. It is time to get on a comprehensive multivitamin, Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules .
  • Undiagnosed brain tumors can cause chronic headache pain. If you experience balance, vision, or orientation problems, it’s time to get checked out by a doctor.
  • Spinal misalignment can cause chronic headache pain. Most insurance plans now cover chiropractic visits.
  • Bowel disorders can cause eaky gut syndrome?in which toxic substances, (which were destined to be eliminated by the body), leak through a damaged colon back into the bloodstream where they build up in the blood and cause all sorts of health problems. If you have a sensitive colon, stay away from sugar, and make non-dairy yogurt and kefir products a daily part of your life. Take lactase enzyme (to digest lactose) if you suspect lactose intolerance because I find it nearly impossible to eliminate all traces of lactose (milk sugar) from foods.