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Chicken pox symptoms and treatment of the disease

    This disease got its name because it is almost wind and funneling. Because the virus can move through the air at a distance of about several meters. Thus they are able to easily be right in the atmosphere and do not need to move quickly from one person to another. What is the evidence? The fact that this viral infection that can easily cause disease, will be in the room for a long time even after the sick person is no longer there.

    You can easily get this virus if you communicate with a sick person, or merely stroll through the room where he was. Therefore, the most common cases of the emergence and spread of such infectious diseases as chickenpox, are the teams closed. This can be as a kindergarten or a school, a sanatorium or some hostel. In the case of chicken pox in such groups of people, they are closed on quarantine, and infected most often placed in the hospital.

    Usually this disease is transferred most often children, who find in the preschool or early school age. A large number of cases, the disease occurs in autumn and winter. Children who are less than two months, and adults are much less susceptible to this disease unlike in the above categories.

    If the patient has an incubation period, and the cause of his infection was chicken pox, he can be calm this disease it will never happen again, because once the person carries it, he has a strong immunity to it.

    This viral disease has its own peculiarities. In particular, his virus is present in DNA, it has sensitivity to UV irradiation, and it is easy to survive in those conditions, when the temperature of the environment in which it is located, is quite low. Therefore, multiple processes of thawing and freezing does not affect him. In addition, it can be transmitted through the placenta to the fetus, but only in the case where this infectious disease has infected expectant mother.

    Therefore, chicken pox is a dangerous disease for pregnant women, because if she got it in the first few months of pregnancy, the fetus may appear pathological, but may be the death of the fetus at all.

    How many days is the incubation period and is in itself contagious chicken pox?

    In addition, the disease can be from a person another 2-3 days before it will have the most expressive symptom that accompanies the chicken pox rash. Accordingly, you can catch from someone who hasn’t have a clue about the fact their illness.

    Most often, chickenpox begins to manifest itself and is accompanied by characteristic symptoms are sudden and acute. Sometimes there are cases when the patient feels bad, usually a few days before the start of the active phase of the disease.

    The incubation period when a person (whether children or adults) varicella (chickenpox), and continues not less than 11 days, the maximum 23.

    What are the symptoms entails chickenpox, when it starts the incubation period?

    You should know that the first signs of chickenpox is a sharp increase in temperature to 40C. Also on the skin of a person appear bumps that are red in color and large in size. Usually the number of such tubercles are initially small, up to 3 pieces. In addition, the patient a bad headache, he feels a strong weakness, it can be aches in the joints and bones.

    Eventually, over the next 3-4 days, the number of tubercles increases, and they transformirovalsya in the bubbles, which is formed in the liquid. Then the liquid becomes turbid, the center of the bubble retracts and appears on the top crust.

    The rash can be found on the body, face, head, and genitals. An unpleasant feature is that their appearance is accompanied by an extremely unpleasant and severe itching. In addition, it is worth noting that adults sprinkle much stronger than children.

    Described the rash is spreading all over the body simultaneously with the development of a patient chickenpox fever. If you can not fight the fever, it may not disappear for a long time, up to weeks or even more. Unpleasant is the fact that the rash can even appear on the mucous membrane of the nose, mouth and even on the mucous membrane of the eye. In this case, the bubbles occurred due to the rash, will be fast enough to burst, and instead of them will appear small ulcers. They also bring a lot of inconvenience to the patient, because they are extremely painful.

    If the disease affects adult people, that have problems with lymph nodes. Lymph nodes change size, it becomes greater to such an extent that it even catches the eye. Also lymph nodes in addition to the increased size are pain and tension. Consolation can be the fact that internal organs in no way are under the negative impact of varicella if an infectious disease passes without complications.

    Complications of the disease in adults is pretty serious. They could start a pneumonia that is extremely difficult to fight meningitis, which pulls a lot of severe symptoms. Also, there are times when the patient is partially impaired vision, sometimes he might lose it completely. This is because ulcers can form and develop on the cornea.

    During the disease in any case it is recommended not to brush the wound and infect them when they appear. The consequences of such actions pretty bad, because appear on the skin then scars, they heal slowly and may be accompanied by appearance of complications of bacterial nature.

    In that case, if you contracted an infectious disease such as chickenpox, do not try to go to the clinic for an appointment to see a qualified specialist. This is because you are endangering the infection in all those patients who will be there, and other people that you meet along the way. What in that case to do? You should call the doctor at home, and at the time until you will sick to be treated, and the rash will not land, do not come in contact with other people.

    In that case, if you didn’t get sick, and your child, and you’re up to this time has never transferred an infectious disease, you will be issued a sick list. You will be quarantined at home for three weeks.

    What will be the treatment for the duration of the incubation period, if you have the chicken pox?

    For treatment specialist attributes, such medicines that fight symptoms of chickenpox, that is, reduce the available patient extremely unpleasant itching. Usually this is antihistamine. In order to prevention of infection the treatment is performed with the use of antiseptics. Use antipyretics.

    If before is highly recommended not to bathe for 21 days, now these tips are completely outdated. Take a shower for hygienic reasons it is necessary, but do not use the washcloth or sponge, one soap will be sufficient. As for such an effective method of preventing chickenpox as green fodder, it is also quite bad in our time in treatment, it was replaced by a large number of antiseptics, which work well and also have no color.

    If a viral the disease occurs in severe form, in this case to the above methods of treatment, the doctor puts antibiotics. This is because the antibiotics protect the body from, that was supplemented with complications bearing a bacterial nature, which would entail the emergence and development of pneumonia. In addition, regardless of the severity of the disease, it is necessary to observe strict bed rest, take plenty of drink and carefully observe the rules of hygiene.