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Cancer of the heart

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

Cancer of the heart

a rare cancer disease that affects the heart region. This type of cancer has many different forms.

If a person discover a malignant tumor, it could be cancer of the heart, which is found in the form of several manifestations

  • primary sarcoma is a variety of histological structure and is often found in the right chambers of the heart. At risk include people aged 3050 years
  • primary mesothelioma and primary lymphoma are rare
  • metastatic tumors secondary manifestation, which is detected previously in 2025 years, in contrast to the first cardiac tumors. Such tumors can be breast cancer, lung cancer, metastases of melanoma, angiosarcoma heart.


The disease cancer of the heart may be accompanied by neoplasms of malignant or benign character. The latter is usually called a myxoma (a kind of tumor from connective muscle), which can be a consequence of genetic defect, atherosclerosis, thrombopoiesis, traumatic operations in the region of the heart.

Malignant tumors are sarcomas and

the nature of the appearance of which is unknown.


In medical practice, there are primary and secondary tumors and those and others are a danger to humans, can cause cancer of the heart, symptoms of which are not easy to identify. Primary tumor quickly hit the most segments of the heart, valve apparatus, which threatens to blockage of the holes that connect the chambers of the heart. This whole process is accompanied by germination and constriction of the coronary vessels, as well as further growth of education in all structures of the body. Primary tumors appear in the form of rhabdomyosarcoma, fibromyalgia, primary sarcoma, and angiosarcoma.

Secondary tumors are usually distributed in the form of tumor emboli from the lymph nodes or primary tumors. The first way affects the pericardium, myocardium then.

Anyway, but malignant tumors grow rapidly, even so, that patients fail to report to physician symptoms. If the heart striking sarcoma, there are complaints of venous failure, shortness of breath, nausea, abdominal pain on the right, swelling, constipation, weakness, dizziness. Moreover, the complaints may disappear or appear at a certain position of the body.


In the early stages of diagnosing the disease is difficult, because in the practice of physicians in this disease is rare. Also cancer heart diagnosis, which is tough to identify due to the fact that the cancer symptoms disappear under the usual symptoms of heart disease.

Initially, the doctor needs to assess the diagnosis of complaints, to inspect and also do an ultrasound, MRI, CT, angiocardiografia, sometimes the radioisotope ventriculography. Also examine tumor markers in the serum, prescribed coreografia, the echo, with a color study.


Depending on how the cancer presents itself of the heart, treatment is prescribed a certain direction. It is usually symptomatic in nature, as the purpose of surgical treatment does not give the necessary effects because the tumor quickly spread to the nearest organs.

Usually prescribe radiation therapy, obyedinennoy with or without chemotherapy it helps to extend life to 5 years.

According to the statistics, the prognosis is poor, as cancer of the heart, about 80% apply already with metastases that speaks for itself patients die after the appearance of the characteristic symptoms in six months or a year.